Mobile Cases and Covers

This report contains the materialistic aspects of Mobile Cases and Covers. These aspects may include the types, advantages, disadvantages, properties, characterization required for end use application, Raw Materials and most commonly used materials for mobile covers.

Mobile covers are designed to hold, support, attach or to design the mobile devices. The term “Cover” is often used to protect certain material.

So, Mobile covers are mostly used to protect smart phones. These covers are made such that, they could easily fit the mobile body. Mobile covers measures are mainly based on display inches (e.g.; 5.1-inch display).

Desired properties for end use application of mobile cover are given below:

Mobile covers should be tough so that it should resist the sudden impact and protect the body of mobile device.

Thus, material of mobile cover should be impact resistant.

Mobile cover should be easy to hold and grip. It is easy to give mechanical properties to the material, but what is hard, is to provide a material a good grip and hold so that it should safely use in hands safely.

Mobile Cover should be durable.

  Durability is the ability to withstand wear, pressure and damage. It should be reliable.

The strength of material of mobile cover should be high so that it can bear any type of stress without deformation or permanent strain.

Surface finish of mobile cover should be great. This means that the texture of the surface should be soft.

The material of mobile cover should have less degradation. It should not degrade in exposure to UV radiations and other sensitive rays. So that it cannot harm the body of mobile device.

Material of mobile cover should be water resistant so that it cannot allow the water to pass through it and harm the body of mobile device. If it does, it will also harm cover. Else, it should be waterproof.

Material of mobile cover should be made such that it should last long. It is the important end use property for the mobile cover.

Chemicals can also harm the body of mobile phone that’s why it is important to make the material of mobile cover Chemical and fungus resistant.

There are basically three types of plastics used in making cases. These are hard, soft and hybrid plastics. While hard plastic cases are made up of either polycarbonate, hard polyurethane and polypropylene. Thermoplastic polyurethane or regular polyurethane are used in the manufacturing of soft plastic covers.

There are basically three types of leather used to make mobile phone cases. These are aniline leather, semi-aniline leather and pigmented leather. Leather cases are usually folio-styled, are handcrafted. However, handcrafted are very expensive and more prone to wear and tear.

Wooden covers are usually made up of bamboo, teak or elm tree woods. As their raw material source is naturally occurring, that’s why they are usually very expensive.

Silicone is similar to plastic but it is a versatile material made from naturally occurring material found in sand and quartz.

Rubber is also the material by which we make mobile covers. Rubber can come from two sources. Real rubber is made from sap of a rubber tree. Synthetic rubber, which is most commonly used today, is made from petroleum products.

Metals are also commonly used today. For its application, Aluminium is most commonly used to make mobile covers.

Carbon fiber is relatively new invention that is also used in the manufacturing of mobile cases and covers.

Mobile covers and cases are mostly made up of following materials:

Carbon fiberDetails of these materials include properties, advantages, disadvantages and reasons to use which are given below:

It also has good impact resistance and it also resist chipping, cracking & scratches.

The bad thing is that it is slippery and degrades when exposed to UV rays. It also gets dirty easily.

Some additives are used to prevent it from degradation.

Polypropylene is a type of plastic that can easily be injected into molds to form different shapes. For such ease, we use polypropylene.

These are made from the combination of two or more materials to make a better product.

It is the combination of silicon and polycarbonate. This hybrid case has corner cushions that offer protection against drops and impacts.

This hybrid is composed of polycarbonate and silicon. Silicon makes its inner core and outer core boundaries from polycarbonate.

It is a hybrid of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU protests its boundaries and PC Protects the mid-section.

It is very soft and durable.

Rubber can come from two sources. Real rubber is made from the sap of a rubber tree. Synthetic rubber, which is more common today, is made from the petroleum products.

Bamboo is beautiful and considered. Green – because it is a renewable resource. As a result, bamboo cases are very trendy. Many people prefer wood cases because they are a natural material than plastic or silicone.

Some rare mobile cases materials are given below:

Military Drop test: measures ruggedness of product.

There are no special industries that manufacture the mobile covers and cases but Such industries are present in Pakistan that make mobile covers and other products simultaneously.

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