Mona Lisa: Meaing in Modern Life

Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda, is an oil on wood painting by Leonardo da Vinci, dated 1503. It depicts the wife of Francesco del Giocondo and is currently owned by the Government of France. The painting is one of the vital treasures of the Louvre in Paris (Figure 1). The significance of the artwork is attributed to the immense contribution of Leonardo da Vinci in the development of art and science. The artwork is valuable as it cannot be sold or bought according to French heritage law. Being a part of the Louvre collection, Mona Lisa is in public ownership.

Mona Lisa is known by most of the world, and the majority of people did not even see the painting in real life. Learning about the work means having knowledge that could be used in everyday conversations within both professional and casual settings. Because Mona Lisa was created more than five centuries ago and continues being the subject of detailed studies, knowing some facts about the work can be of great value. For example, many believe that the woman depicted in the painting is a self-portrait of da Vinci himself. Using the latest computer technologies, it was possible to trace some similarities between the face of Gioconda and her creator, which has added more mystery to the enigmatic painting.

La Gioconda is surrounded by a web of rumors and speculations, which is not surprising given the mysteries associated with her creator. For instance, the identity of the model, which was assumed to be the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, was highly speculated. In 2010, an Italian historian Silvano Venceti reported that Mona Lisa has tiny letters and numbers painted in her eyes, which were clues to her identity (Kington, 2010). The historian suggested that Gian Giacomo Caprotti, Leonardo’s male apprentice, was the face behind Mona Lisa. However, this remained a rumor because further studies did not give the same result as presented by Venceti.

Getting to know more about the mystery of Mona Lisa is a good area for learning, which can help oneself advance in the general knowledge of art. While the value of Mona Lisa is directly attributed to the discipline of art, one should also consider its philosophical underpinnings. One of the main philosophical dilemmas associated with the painting pertains to the discussion of Mona Lisa’s beauty. Some may say that Mona Lisa is beautiful, while others would contradict. This debate is concerned with the subjective nature of beauty.

The knowledge of art could have an overall positive influence on both personal and career life. Being well-versed in topics pertaining to the subject creates an impression of an intelligent and interesting person that can support conversations about art.

Moreover, such knowledge is important for the overall personal development and the spirit of inquiry. The more a person knows about art, literature, film, or drama, the more he or she is likely to reflect on life and discover new things about themselves as individuals. Mona Lisa is the perfect point to start one’s exploration about art because it is the symbol of civilization and the long path that human beings had completed in order to become developed societies with examples of artistic masterpieces that would continue being valued for centuries to come.


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