New IT System for Use in Nursing Home and Assisted Living

The increase of aged people in nursing homes and assisted living has been alarming due to change in living standards. Most families would rather pay for their aged members of the family’s nursing care than be taking care of them at home. The overwhelming activities of tracing them and providing the different care which they need and maintenance of the database were the requirements. Which prompted me to develop the system.

I choose the system because not only will it benefit the organization administration but as well the aged people in the homes as they will be served on time. The use of a bracelet which is fitted with a microchip will enable the staff to monitor the person in relation to where they are and the status of their health condition at any time, as the chip will be sending most of the person performance health wises such as a change in blood pressure, temperature, and even their mood.

Most of the aged people’s brain is deteriorating therefore rarely would most of them recall events of their ailments, need of counseling, or any other information which will be needed frequently. Therefore, the microchip will as well store their personal details, information of medication if any, and the doctor who took care of them. The bracelet and information in the server will keep on synchronizing the latest’s information on either of the server or the bracelet hence, being real-time. The system will also improve on record management which is essential accuracy of service delivery and saves time on the retrieval of the status of each of the aged people in the home and realization of their current status. According to Beynon, (2009) success of an organization is mainly based on how it’s able to manage its data/information.

The system will be embedded in the microchip to store the personal and medical information of the students. The bracelets will as well be designed to requirements of the user and branded to differentiate from others. It will be ensured that it is user-friendly, easy to learn, and implement for the users are aged and most of them would be sick. The program should be tested to ensure it is free of errors and it would be upgraded when need be, the system should also be documented fully for ease of update.


Beynon, P. (2009). Business Information Systems. Palgrave: Basingstoke.

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