Nicholas Carr’s “IT Doesn’t Matter”

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The focal point of the paper is to write a critic of Nicholas Carr’s “IT doesn’t matter”. This article was published in the May issue of 2003 in Harvard Business Review. The writer puts his emphasis on the rapid growth of information technology and the reliability of business organizations on IT. However, he points out the potential of IT is still mostly unused and should be utilized with more care for the benefits of the respective organization. (Carr, 131)

The plot of the study

This study is formed to gather information about the current infrastructure and organization of the department. It also stands within the overall business plan. The features examined include technology tools used within the service delivery model like the Web-based Helpdesk reporting tool, storage and data link capacity reports, application deployment, support procedures, and the escalation processes to support customers locally and moving in and out of the region.

Also externally with the types of tools offered to customers for example solutions for connectivity and whether they are seen by the customer as useful and current with the business needs. A report is then sorted after, one that utilizes specific methods with data processing to determine current department performance statistics from gathered data together with user surveys conducted with IT customers in the organization. (Gourvennec, 1, 4)

Report’s content

The report initially examines the current level of performance and then looks at the possibilities with other management techniques and tools. With the IT business group changing its support model and style of business based, growth, and plans, the study and reports are challenged with the results being affected by numerous variables with different timelines. Some of these being the changes within the management structure that come with changes in management styles that may affect IT objectives and practices.

Subsequently, the utilized evaluation of the existing tools compared to traditional methods used for IT service Delivery provides some insight into the value and efficiency of such systems. This report concludes that the current tools and solutions offered need additional features, however, it is important to note the IT organization is in a rapid transition state with changes being implemented at all levels. The feeling that a better report would be generated if there was a longer timescale on which the report would be based to show the changes and the states in which the IT service delivery department would possibly operate before maturing within the organization into real value. (CNET, 1, 7)


In conclusion, it should be stated that the late 1990s and 2000s could be referred to as a new era of sunshine gradually but progressively scattering its rays all over the world, incorporating the nations, bringing people, culture, and economies close to each other. Internet communication along with other telecommunication agents, like a cost-effective mobile telephone, signifies increasing global connectivity, incorporation, and interdependence in the economic, cultural, technological, social, ecological, and political spheres.

Global communication acts as an umbrella expression and is possibly best explained as a unitary progression comprehensive of several sub-processes, such as improved financial interdependence, augmented cultural authority, the rapid progress of information technology, and superior governance and geopolitical defies that are ever more binding people and the biosphere extra firmly into one global system. In this context, Carr’s article is a very important one that leaves space for further research on the topic.

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