Nurse’s Role in the Research Facilities

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The nurse is an essential medical worker in a facility. The responsibility of this specialist is broad but requires precision and well-developed skills. Both a healer and a friend, nurse provides a client with necessary relief, all the crucial assessments, and preparative actions. This essay aims to define the nurse’s role, analyzing specifics of client and specialist’s communication, and providing personal insight on the profession.

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Being a nurse means possessing professional knowledge of the client’s conditions and providing psychological support. To deal with a conflicting opinion about the research treatment, nurses should always consider all available information and strategize. There are two possible options: the patient does or does not require a remedy. If the treatment is necessary, the nurse should engage in ethical persuasion. If individuals can withdraw from the research treatment without adverse health consequences, they should decide on the participation independently.

The nurse is always accountable to a client because their health is a top priority. It means that the patient’s well-being should not suffer from their choices as well as the staff’s decisions. To balance the conflicting loyalties, the nurse should keep in mind the research treatment goal. If treatment is unnecessary, but the doctor is trying to persuade the client, the nurse should intervene and ask the doctor for his motivation. If a patient refuses treatment required for resolving their health issues, the nurse should convince them in the participation.


The communication code guides the nurse’s momentary response with three core principles: respect for person, beneficence, and justice (U.S. Department, 2017). By applying these three pillars, the nurse should find a quick response that is safe for the patient’s confidence in a particular decision and does not encourage the wrong decision. In research facilities, a good connection with a patient may save not only them but multiple other lives too.

The video prompted me to consider the importance of the nurse’s role in research facilities. I can see now that the nurse is closer to the patient than doctors are. The reasons for that connection are not only that they meet the client more frequently, but also that nurses invest in these relationships to benefit all parties involved.


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