“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter

There is an awful accident that happened recently in NYC with a sixteen-year-old boy Andy. It was 11:03 when he was stabbed by a stranger and was left on the sidewalk by himself with a knife in his chest. There is evidence that he was attacked because he belonged to the gangster group named Royal. It is also known that he had a girlfriend, Laura, 15.

The boy was wearing a silk purple jacket with The Royals engraving on the back of it and with his name engraved on the jacket. He was stabbed in his rib cage, presumable by another gangster, and died bleeding on the sidewalk in several hours.

The reason why Andy was attacked is still unclear, but there is an assumption that it was done deliberately by a member of a gangster group called Guardians. As there was The Royals engraving on Andy’s back, it is possible to assume that his killer was a member of a rival gangster band. Moreover, there is a testimony of the passerby who saw Andy but was afraid to help him. The reason was his fear to help the gangster. The passerby was scared to be revenged by the Guardians.

According to the video recording of the local store, there were several passersby, but none of them helped Andy. All four recorded witnesses were interviewed and it came out that none of them helped the injured boy because of various reasons. As it was later ascertained, the first passerby was drunk and could not distinguish if Andy was injured or not. “The boy lay on the ground and could not say a word,” the first witness said, “I thought he was just heavily drunk like I was”.

Other witnesses were also interviewed about the accident. Approximately twenty-five minutes after the drunken man left, there was another chance for Andy to be saved. A couple of teenagers was passing by and stopped not far from the sidewalk. According to one of them, they did not notice Andy at first, but then heard a weird noise: “We were talking to each other with my girlfriend when a strange grunting appeared out of nowhere” he said, “My girlfriend was so scared when she saw a bleeding person, that we just left”. However, there is a conjecture, that a couple was aware of the fact that Andy belonged to a group of gangsters, and just did not want others to know that they were Andy’s life-savers. This fact still needs to be cleared.

According to the last passerby, an old 76-year-old lady, who passed by around 12: 05, she did not see Andy at all: “I have problems with hearing, I am almost deaf” an old lady testified, “Moreover, it was hard to see anything in the heavy rain, which was beating on the cans” (Pepper, 149).

Andy was found dead at 12:35, with an opened wound in his chest, by his girlfriend, Laura, and the policeman. “It is so unfair that he died. We had so many plans about our future life” desperate Laura said, “He should have been protected by Royals and his gang friends”.

The funeral took place in the local cemetery the next day. More than 200 people were present. Andy’s parents, friends, girlfriend, and, of course, all members of Royals were among them. “It is time for the killer to wait for revenge”- one of the Royals said during the ceremony.


Pepper, Dennis. Nasty endings 2. London: Oxford University Press, 2001. Print.

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