“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” by Gore Verbinski

A Genre of the Clip

The clip chosen for the analysis in the current paper is taken from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End directed by Gore Verbinski in 2007, the film is the third part of the adventure trilogy called the Pirates of the Caribbean. The plot of the film focuses on the relations and adventures of several major characters that include Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbossa, Davy Jones, and Lord Beckett. All these characters are observed in the 3:59 clip from the film.

Based on the fact that the very film is an action motion picture with the elements of romantic story and comedy, the very genre of the clip is a hybrid one. It combines the features of the action movie with the elements of comedy and drama in it. The very initial seconds present the humor episode when we observe all characters standing on the ground, and only Davy Jones who cannot step on earth more often than once in 10 years stands in the bowl filled with water. The more dramatic features of the clip are observed when the characters start speaking and Elizabeth Swann, the elected King of pirates, promises to fight with the navy of Lord Beckett, win the fight and kill the very Lord.

The Function of the Clip

The function of the clip under consideration in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End can be called the prominent one. The clip shows the very climax of the film, i. e. the moment when the two opposite sides of the conflict surrounding the locker of Davy Jones, meet at the lonely island to settle the issues concerning their further struggle. The very events observed in the clip fulfill also the function of clearing the plot up. Finally, the decision of the film ending is made in this clip as Elizabeth Swann promises Lord Beckett to fight and take a victory.

In more detail, the very meeting of the six major characters of the film is a rare occurrence in the movie under consideration. When all of them meet, it becomes known that Jack plotted against his friends, while Will Turner supported Lord Becket only for the purpose of freeing his father. Believing this, Elizabeth decides to exchange Jack for Will, and establishes the very ending of the film which is the victorious fight of the pirates’ ships against the East India Company Navy.

Purpose and Nature of the Characters Involved

Every single character involved in the chosen clip fulfills his/her own function in it and in the whole movie as such. For instance, Jack Sparrow is likely to be called the main character of the whole film as far as his life story is central to the plot and his jokes make the movie a favorite one for a number of people. In this clip, Jack turns out to be a betrayer, but as we learn later, his actions are planned to bring the good to Elizabeth and William. The latter two people form the love story of the film and go through the set of obstacles on their way to being together, at least on days when William can leave The Dutchman.

Davy Jones is a rather controversial character combining the positive and negative features. In the clip under analysis, Jones manifests only negative ones being glad to have Jack serving the 100-year sentence on The Dutchman. However, throughout the film, there are episodes involving Jones that make the viewers cry; for instance, the scene of his communication with the imprisoned Calypso. Captain Barbossa is the background character that transforms from an antagonist in the first movie chapter into a protagonist at the film’s end. Finally, Lord Beckett is the antagonist driven by the desire for power and finally killed for his cruelty.

Special Effects or Technical/ Editing/ Post Production Manipulations

The special effects observed in this very clip can be limited to the character of Davy Jones only. The very technique of the creation of this image was rather complicated as far as it involved the use of computer design technologies, animation, actual human acting, and voicing. Bill Nighy performing Davy Jones had to conduct his actions wearing a specialized costume with the digital encoders connected with the computer. This allowed the computer engineers to have the animated picture on the screen and to enrich it with the attributes of Davy Jones, i. e. the tentacles of the octopus on his face and arms and the very look of a dead person whose flesh and clothes are destroyed by time and water. Thus, the very clip under consideration combines the actual human acting with the elements of computer engineering and animation. Both these elements are combined skillfully, and this fact creates the impression of the complete adequacy of all characters involved in the clip. A viewer cannot discern a computer-made image from a human being and this makes the clip and the whole movie a bright example of incorporating modern technology in the art of cinematography.

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