Poetry Analysis of Ask Me

In the poem “Ask Me,” the poet, William Stafford, gives the reader a strong sense of imagery, it describes the river so vividly, so creatively. This poem is a very good poem, and is actually very mysterious and a little bit almost questionable about the theme of the poem. Basically what I get from the poem is, the speaker is not ashamed of who he or she is and you can ask them any questions about their past and they will gladly answer.

It’s almost as if it is kind of testing the speaker, like will or she actually answer the question? And the answer is most definitely yes.

As for the meaning, I am not too sure. I guess some poetry cannot always be explained so well but that’s okay because I still enjoy reading it and trying to figure out what it is about. But I can pretty much understand the gist of the poem. It is just the last line that gets me, “What the river says, that is what I say.

” It’s haunting almost chilling to me to read that. Shivers seriously run down my spine when I read that. So, from the poem, I basically get the vibe it is saying, the speaker has had a long life full of, love, hurt, pin, heartbreak etc, but ask him anything about his past or anything and he isn’t ashamed of it. He will proudly answer to anything and take responsibility for what he has caused and what he’s been through.

I personally have tried analyzing this poem for about a week now, and it has been so difficult for me to find the real meaning of this poem. And very difficult to try and understand the tone and mood. So, although I wasn’t able to find a whole bunch about the poem, I found it very interesting and enjoyed even looking up this poem further and reading about the author and what other people took from this poem. So overall, this poem is a very well written poem and the ideas are endless of what it could mean.

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