Rationale Strategy: PetSafe Pet Insurance

These emails are directed at buyers who have subscribed to the newsletter. Pyroplasmosis is an infectious disease triggered by a tick bite and leads to the loss of appetite, decreased energy, and other long-term effects on animals (Niu et al., 2017). This text attracts people who care about their pets, first of all, to draw attention to the problem that is urgent in the fall outside the advertising context. Since PetSafe Pet Insurance provides medical services, their expertise must be applied to the condition. Moreover, newsletter subscriptions cover regular customers, those who have purchased at least one product online, as well as people who might be interested in insurance. This text provides an emotional response to the argument about walking in the park and focuses the story on a proposal to check the health of a loved one. The blue button at the top symbolizes calmness and professionalism. Thus, this message’s strategy is to focus on the current health issue and offer regular customers to use their policy and attract new customers not to waste time.


Niu, Q., Yang, J., Liu, Z., Gao, S., Pan, Y., Guan, G., Chu Y., Liu G., Luo J. & Yin H. (2017). First molecular detection of piroplasm infection in pet dogs from Gansu, China. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8. Web.

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