Reflection on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Human life has been severely disrupted in many different ways by a coronavirus. Following the emergence of the disease and the public policies to alleviate it, life has turned out to be very tough. The world has been trying to find ways to tolerate the directives, such as stay-at-home orders. The covid-19 pandemic has affected the human race in all spheres of life.

Families have been attempting to develop various practices in the social isolation, integrate and compensate for their children’s education during the day as schools have remained closed. Most of all, the distress is heightened by the possibility of contracting this deadly virus as the world continues to witness an increasing number of reported infections and deaths every day. The uncertainty is overwhelmingly causing high emotions in adults as well as in children. The public health directives regarding social distancing and home care programs make individuals feel secluded and lonely. They increase stress among families, leading to the raised cases of neurological and mental disorders, such as delirium hysteria stroke, among many people.

People’s sorrows are particularly profound when they experience death’s reality or the fight for family or friends’ lives as a consequence of this epidemic. People see their friends and families, who have lost their jobs. The sources of income that supported families have been destroyed, and the world economy has shut down. As a result, most families’ welfare has been seriously affected, as many have become poorer and as a result, they have lost hope.

Covid-19 has influenced every area of life by altering the strength which holds the system, whether it is the body’s immunity system, the family structure, the social fabric, the education sector, or even the professional field. On one side, the lockdown has helped families eat together and remain united by spending quality time physically while experiencing each other’s happy moments and pain. On the other side though, the majority of households, are forced to make significant changes to daily lives due to financial constraints. For these families, it means heightened anxiety in children and stress in parenting (Brown et al., 2020). There are also many disturbing circumstances in family life, such as domestic violence, increased alcoholism, and drug abuse. Therefore, handling trauma and pressure more positively can make people and those they care for much stronger.


Brown, S. M., Doom, J. R., Lechuga-Peña, S., Watamura, S. E., & Koppels, T. (2020). Stress and parenting during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Child abuse & neglect, 104699.

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