Research Writing Center and a New Contest

Research Writing Center recently launched a new Facebook contest for freelance writers to share their humorous stories for cash prizes.

The folks at Research Writing Center successfully launched a new contest on the company’s Facebook page on October 13. The contest provides the team of freelance writers who work with the Research Writing Center an opportunity to tell some of the funny stories they have encountered during their work. The rules are that the stories must be about freelance writing and they must contain humor. The contest runs until November 14th so we invite any freelance writer 18 years or older to submit his or her funny stories for cash prizes.

The cash prizes for winning entries are as follows: the grand prize is $200; the second prize is $125, and the third prize is $100. There are also two runner-up cash prize categories for the top fourth and fifth submissions, which will pay $50 and $25 respectively. All currencies are in U.S. denominations. A few other rules apply. First of all, the story must relate to freelance writing in some way, whether it be an actual story from the writer’s freelance experience or that of a freelance writer you know. Fictional stories are acceptable as long as they remain believable. The second main rule is the story has to be genuinely funny to a wide audience – no inside jokes, please. The third important rule is that your word count must not exceed 550 words, and please do not submit stories that are under 300 words. In addition, the story should have a title that attracts attention; it needs to be appealing and memorable. Winners will be chosen in response to how many Hands-Up votes their entry receives on Research Writing Center’s Facebook Fan Page.

Other relevant rules are as follows: please check grammar, spelling, and punctuation before you submit and please do not plagiarize your story. Also, please keep your story suitable for a PG audience. In other words, no sex, no violence, and no profane language. You are only allowed one entry per writer, so make sure you choose your best story. The winners will receive notification on November 29th, 2011. Please note, Research Writing Center reserves the right to disqualify an entry, even if it is a winning entry, if suspicion arises that the voting methods on Facebook have been tampered with. For example, if we think an entrant has violated the voting rules by voting for his or her entry through multiple Facebook accounts or email addresses, the entry will be disqualified.

About Research Writing Center

Research Writing Center is an Internet-based freelance writing community with members and employees from all over the globe; its mandate is to provide reliable and stimulating writing jobs for talented writers all across the world as well as a high-quality writing for contented customers. Research Writing Center is proud of its success in the online freelance writing business and is dedicated to continuing to provide good jobs for skilled writers, quality work for satisfied customers, and a devoted and enthusiastic support team.

The project is currently putting together a series of updates designed to make its site more interactive, and some helpful articles for students.

The team of professionals at the project is happy to announce that we are currently working on a brand new set of updates to enhance the functionality of our site. We also intend for these updates to generate more interactivity among our community of writers, members, customers and staff. The staff is also in the process of putting together a series of fresh academic articles that will discuss common problems that students encounter during their time at university. These articles are designed to go beyond the academic needs of students, and offer help with other areas such as finances, socializing, and adjusting to university life away from home.

The new updates are designed to expand on our existing roster of services for university students. We intend for these updates to facilitate more transparency as well as a smoother exchange of information between our customers, our staff, and our writers. We also want to increase the interactivity and connectivity of our site through the application of these updates and make the project a popular destination for our online fans both new and old. As always, we strive to serve the needs of our customers, and so we welcome feedback and suggestions from our online community on these updates. Please feel free to let us know what works!

Many students face multiple problems in their everyday life while pursuing a post-secondary education, especially those students entering their first year. In an effort to continue our support for students, both academically and personally, is currently creating a set of academic articles that discuss recurrent problems that every generation of students encounters in higher education. intends these articles to offer more than simply help for schooling or ways to raise your grades. As important as marks are, university is a maturing process that can create some serious bumps along the way. Perhaps your money is drying up and you do not have time to take on a part time job, or your bursary application was a bust, or university is simply a lot more expensive than living at home with your parents, the articles can help you devise ways to take on your financial problems. The articles can also offer help with other common problems such as disrespectful roommates, loneliness, and homesickness.

The project was launched in 2006 with a mandate to produce custom written papers and essays for students, to redefine the pursuit of education, and help students to make college a more valuable experience while cutting down on stress. We realized these goals through the awareness of the needs of our clients – top quality custom written content, punctuality, reasonable prices, and products that remain utterly free of plagiarism and mechanical errors – and the consistent delivery of high quality customized paper writing services to thousands of contented clients all over the globe.

Fix of Awesome Announces Awesome Internet Meme Trivia Quiz

The folks at Fix of Awesome are getting ready to launch a new quiz. It is a chance for savvy Internet fans to test their knowledge of online memes.

The Fix of Awesome team is back again, and this time we have an awesome new quiz in our bag of tricks. The Fix of Awesome project will soon launch a new quiz for the purpose of testing your trivia knowledge about Internet memes. Some of your favorite and most hilarious Internet memes will feature prominently, and you will have a great time revisiting some of the earlier memes from the 90s and early 2000s. The goal of the quiz is find out how well you remember the online memes, especially those from the early days of the Internet.

The folks at Fix of Awesome are thrilled to announce an upcoming quiz all about Internet memes. It is sure to be a lot of fun, and the results will be unexpected. The quiz will focus on the participants’ knowledge and memory of the earliest as well as the most famous Internet memes. Some examples include the Dancing Baby, Rick Rolling, Lolcats, the Hamster Dance, LonelyGirl15, the Star Wars Kid, and Obama Girl. Participants will be tested on how well they remember some of the true classics – the Filipino prisoners’ remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, for example, or R. Kelly’s Trapped in a Closet, or the spate of parodies of Hitler that hit YouTube after the premiere of the movie Downfall. That’s the point behind Fix of Awesome; we are Internet entertainment specialists. All of us at Fix of Awesome work tirelessly trolling the Internet and collecting tons of cool items from all over the web. Our dedicated staff gathers funny pictures, awesome infographics, hilarious videos, humorous articles, and now we have added quizzes to our daily Internet entertainment collection.

Internet memes have been a staple of the Internet almost since the beginning. Meme refers to a concept popularized by Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist from Oxford, in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. In its original usage, meme referred to a cultural idea that spreads under evolutionary principles. An Internet meme, while limited to the culture of the Internet, evolves in a similar way. Whatever the image, play on words, parody, joke, website, video clip or phrase may be, the ultimate attribute of any successful Internet meme is its ability to spread rapidly via the viral networks of the web. Many Internet memes launch from YouTube, more or less the hub of Internet memes since its inception, whereas others originate in fail blogs. The best Internet memes combine black humor with wry social commentary and the trademark whimsical nature of online humor and culture. The Fix of Awesome quiz therefore is designed to celebrate the tradition of the Internet meme while simultaneously testing your general knowledge of this cultural phenomenon.

About Fix of Awesome

Fix of Awesome remains your one-stop entertainment resource for anyone who loves everything about the Internet! The Fix of Awesome resource was created by the hard-working folks at to bring you the best in online entertainment while you pursue your education.

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