Respiratory Therapy Essay 

Imagine a patient just resting in their bed, as you are about to end your shift for the night. You clock out and are about to just exit the door of the hospital until a nurse comes running up to you stating that the patients heart monitor is buzzing like crazy. You drop everything and run to the room. The patient is under cardiac arrest and you just have a few seconds to save this person’s life. You order a crash cart immediately and shock the person.

Time slows down and everyone is quiet. You slowly look at the heart monitor, hoping and praying this worked. The monitor starts to hum normally again. Everybody lets out a huge sigh of relief.

The scenario that was mentioned above, could have ended in tragedy, just like a snippet from Grey’s Anatomy, but also is a daily occurrence of what would happen in real life, if there were no respiratory therapists. As the world’s population is growing so are chronic diseases ranging from pneumonia to chronic pulmonary obstruction.

If I were to seek a Master’s degree from the Respiratory therapy program at Georgia State University, my goal would be to contribute to help solve these problems.

During my undergraduate at Georgia State University, I knew I wanted to be in the field of healthcare but was unsure of what field I wanted to experience. In the spring semester of my senior year I took a class, Cardiopulmonary Physiology, which changed my perspective.

I was very interested in this class because it made me realize of how many different factors affected our heart, lungs, and breathing that we take for granted daily. This really shifted my view in medicine, and I began to wonder how to improve on these factors for people who have diseases associated with their respiratory track. How can I make sure to have a person breathe normally with a serious heart condition? Going off this interest that had stemmed inside of me, I took an innumerable courses that helped me dive into my passion.

To obtain a level of exposure in the field I would shadow at the hospital. At Emory Johns Creek, my role was to simply look at how the respiratory therapist would be giving proper medical care. During my time there, one old patient who was a serious smoker, was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. He was there on his last visit, and could not seem to afford to come back. I felt extremely disheartened to see this as he was suffering from smoker’s cough. This particular situation made me aware that not all families can afford healthcare.

This also made me realize that there are many families that have sick members but have to suppress their sickness with simple over the counter medications because they cannot afford to bring them in. My interest became stronger as I would see different scenarios and how respiratory therapists would treat these conditions. As a future respiratory therapist I want to educate the public on how to prevent certain breathing disorders or minimize the amount of disorders. I feel that my background in exercise science will help me incorporate different levels of treatment that will benefit the patient as a whole. Additionally when shadowing at the hospital, I used my analytical abilities to determine what the patient is going through and expanded my knowledge further, thinking as to what the best course of action would be. I feel even more confident to accomplish giving effective patient care and thus educating communities on their comorbidities.

The classes being taught at Georgia State University would help me make a powerful impact on society as well as mold me into a better clinician. Dr. Samuel Shan’s cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology class is of particular interest to me especially due to the increase in chronic heart problems that are very prevalent in society today. Additionally, Dr. Zimmerman’s expertise lies in pediatric and neonatal care, which is another field that I find to be intriguing. I also am interested in the experience that the respiratory students had clearing the air in Nicaragua. These students were helping people breathe better by educating them on assessing the air quality and making changes to improve their breathing. Learning from such profound and highly educated professors as well as experiencing a different world would be an honor if I were to be accepted into the program.

Respiratory therapy is more than just breathing through a tube; it is our breaths that make the bane of our existence. By furthering my respiratory education at a highly renowned university, it would be a privilege to help me accomplish the tasks I have set. I know the importance of patience, compassion, sacrifice, and above all teamwork to saving a patient’s life. I hope I have the chance to save someone’s life one day or aiding in the chance to rescue someone.

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