Social Media, Smartphones Have Become Obsession

Smartphones have become our obsession instead of being our helpers. They attract people to use all of the apps and social networks as much as possible. Every person on the planet is dependent on his smartphone, and I am no exception to the rule. With the increase of opportunities these devices provide, it is becoming more difficult for me to control what I am doing as I realize that my smartphone is already controlling me.

Being a source of useful information and attractive apps, it is also a source of stress and anxiety to me. Social networks initially were an opportunity to communicate with other people, no matter how far you are from each other. Now it is different: people do not talk but try to show their friends how exciting their lives are and create a better image of themselves. Constant comparison with other people is a problem I cannot avoid while using social networks.

Another source of stress is the amount of useless information people have to process every day instead of being productive in their daily lives. Every time I do not have enough time to study, I start to create my personal strategies on how to reduce the amount of time I spend with my smartphone and try to detect what sources of information are mere distractions for me.

The advice of specialists like Dr. Chatterjee can help to reduce the addiction to smartphones. I believe that his recommendations to turn off the notifications and spend at least an hour a day without smartphones can greatly contribute to my productivity. The distractions caused by constant scrolling on the phone lead to a lack of concentration in the long run, and his advice would help to avoid this issue.

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