Socially Responsible Leadership in Education

The article “Discerning Professional Identity” discusses socially responsible leadership in education and teaching profession. The author claims that education represents a unique educational environment for children and teens. In this case, the philosophy of education endorses both the intrinsic value and the importance of knowledge. Strict moral and ethical principles are important for education philosophy because they help professionals understand and develop unique professional skills and principles of education. On the other hand, strict moral and ethical principles are useful: as they help educators get along in professional field. A complete view of special education encompasses both aspects of knowledge and ethics. “Teachers’ beliefs about their roles and responsibilities are multifaceted, integrating personal values with professional craft” (Collay). The philosophy of education is based on the idea that a teacher, working with different students needs strong sense of responsibility and duties. These orientations toward attitude have come to be embodied in different educational principles: liberal education and practical training. I believe that support and cooperation with students is the main principles of education philosophy. Certainly both parents and the school should communicate a view of learning to students, whether the students have learning difficulties or not. In working through all of these sorts of issues, it is significant to remember the broad view of learning field, humanity and the world which projects and the principles of justice and fairness, for both oneself and fellow students, which it implies.

The social responsible actions in teaching are crucial for success. All students should be treated as other students but receive more support from teachers and parents. The doctrine of academic freedom means that an institution of learning is endowed with certain rights and responsibilities. In this case, the task and duty of an educator is to protect children from abuse and violation of their rights and freedoms as citizens Actions which are immoral, practices which are subversive should be eliminated in modern education. The duty of a teacher is to create positive and friendly atmosphere in the classroom and help students to master knowledge and skills. Intellectual liberty is not automatically forfeited when a school seeks to perpetuate its identity. After all, academic freedom means honesty and not neutrality. Educators should incorporate multiple models of education and teaching practices, motivate and inspire students to learn and master knowledge and skills (Collay 66). The difficulty may arise when a school conceives too narrowly of what constitutes special education needs or of what counts as student and staff loyalty. before a helping hand is given, all of a school’s constituents should be distinguish grievous abuse of liberty from desirable diversity of opinion. The principle of special education demands that as much learning diversity be allowed as is consistent with the identity and aims of the school, even one with a specific identity. Building a positive climate and belief will support students and their parents and creates an environment of constructive criticism.

The experience of my education allows me to say that the education rests on strict principles of the rights and duties of the participants of the academic community, whether at the elementary or university level. Academic freedom and responsibility means a deeper understanding of the educational needs and requirements of the students with disabilities. Of course students in a school are protected by the same constitutional guarantees of freedom of thought and speech that protect every citizen. Thus, the duty of a teacher is to respond accordingly to needs of every student who enters the school.

Works Cited

Collay, M. Discerning Professional Identity and Becoming Bold, Socially Responsible Teacher-Leaders. Educational Leadership and Administration, 18 (2006), 65-66.

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