Soft Skills Definition and Description

A skill of effective communication may come naturally for some people, or it can be developed through practice. Considering that is usually ranked at the top of the list for prospective employees, it is important to learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively. During my mentorship, I learned and consequently applied the skill of effective communication. It became clear to me that being competent in communication is essential for conflict resolution and establishing collaborative relationships at work.

Acting responsibly at work means meeting expected obligations, pressures, and challenges with confidence and discretion. If employees are not responsible, they might not meet deadlines or carefully follow all working procedures. Therefore, everyone within a workforce should develop the skill of acting responsibly to successfully fulfill their daily duties and meet job obligations.

Working productively is an important soft skill that helps an employee to meet their job expectations both as individuals and a group. A worker that lacks this skill will not be able to meet many challenges associated with any business and would find it difficult to work toward a common goal.

In order to be a productive part of a team, every employee must be aware of the individual difference of each group member and strive for accomplishing a common goal. In the words of my mentor “working cooperatively is about oiling the wheels of the workforce relationships at every level of a hierarchy. “ The lack of the skill of cooperation might create barriers for productive and positive interaction and hinder the establishment of positive workplace culture. My mentor always emphasized that integrity is imperative for a healthy working environment. Not only does it create respect and foster trust between colleagues but it also enhances the overall culture of a company. Without having and demonstrating integrity, a realization of the full potential of a team is impossible. Trustworthy actions are the hallmark of every successful employee.

Being aware of international working practices allows an employee to adapt the most effective ones to improve their productivity or to build a better foundation for successful business relationships when dealing with foreign markets or businesses. While the American style of cooperation mainly revolves around the value of the transactions, Chinese businesspeople tend to develop personal relationships and build trust with their partners. Unlike the United States corporate leaders for whom aggressive style of conducting business is almost a prerequisite for employment, Chinese businesspeople see such behavior as unprofessional and unfavorable. Another Chinese business practice that is not common in the United States is the practice of giving presents and other tokens of appreciation to their business partners.

Having the skill of critical and creative thinking means making reasoned judgments and being able to generate ideas. Lacking this necessary skill affects every step and decision an employee might make and almost guarantees failure. The mentorship experience helped me develop a habit of critical evaluation of my ideas that dramatically reduces the risk of unwise actions.

Soft skills are just as crucial to success in business as technical qualifications. Having a workforce that is equipped with the set of those skills allows a company to adequately perform in every competitive market. During my mentorship experience, I was able to build and practice the skills of cooperation, communication, personal responsibility, and working productively. I understood the importance of teamwork and integrity in the attainment of common goals and productive interaction. These essential abilities along with technical knowledge and passion for learning will help me to succeed in most organizations.

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