Space Exploration Essay

Should humans really make the effort to find a way to live in space or on other planets?

Earth is our main possible long term habitat, but it is very delicate. Even if we avoid making it partly unlivable because of pollution, global warming, and etc. It’s also in the middle of the firing line for passing asteroids. At one and time Earth will be hit by a huge rock. It could be soon, or it could be in a long time.

Either way if we are really trying to survive as humans we need to expand ourselves outwards from Earth. How quickly that can be done is another matter entirely.

Human population is growing by a huge number every day. Unfortunately Earth has finite resources to sustain this population growth. We use precious and rare elements and minerals that are scarce but in ample supplies out in our solar system.It’s in our nature to explore everything. We’ve explored every place on the planet the universe is the next step.

If none of these are good enough how about this in 3 billions years the Sun’s supply of hydrogen will run out and it will die and in turn the Earth will die without its source of light and heat.

The human race is not meant to die here. If you look about 99% of all earth’s life forms have been extinct. No space colonies have been built so far but building a space colony would have a ton of different economic challenges.

Space settlements could provide for almost all the material thousands of people on a whole other planet in space that has some challenging living standards for humans. We could also have problems and issues on how humans might would act in different places for longer periods of time. Because of the cost of sending anything from the surface of the Earth into orbit costs around $640 a pound meaning this would have to be a really expensive project so this is just another problem in the way. Another problem that comes up in space colonization is to take a look at the negative effects of overpopulation. If the resources of space were opened to use and viable life-supporting habitats were built, Earth would no longer be the limit of growth. Even though most of Earth’s resources are non renewable.

The moon would be the most obvious place to try first. It takes only a few days to get there and such close time communications and the different robots we can control from earth. Because the moon is just one sixth of the gravity of Earth a power system there could make a lot cheaper jumping off point for different missions to other planets in our solar system like Mars. Mars has enough water but it has polar ice caps that create vapor. The hardest part is getting into it and making it possible to use anywhere so we can use the oxygen from it. Mars atmosphere is made up of mostly of carbon dioxide and now we have machines that can pull the oxygen to make enough oxygen to provide future astronauts or people who could colonize in space.

We can grow food under artificial lights and We will probably also need human habitats for people to live. If we as humans do live in space on a planet there will be a chance that they can look different and act different than humans on earth. Scientist thought that colonies could make different languages and cultures and become different traits in less than 300 years. Colonists could evolve into beings adapt to gravity,high radiation, and other conditions there. There’s also the possibility that engineers could create small machines that suck the oxygen out of any co2 around them. Theres alot of different reasons for a moon base Companies could mine trillions of dollars worth different and rare earth metals and also platinum and gold. All of these things Can be found under different planet surfaces.The airless moon isn’t very suitable during the Daytime temperatures peak at 250 in the sunlight and at night it can reach minus 250. Mars is a lot nicer than the moon it gets into the 60s in the daytime but at night it drops to minus 81. Mars has 38 percent of Earth’s gravity, which is a lot better than a weightless environment, but it can still damage muscles, bones, and the brain. There’s a good bit of radiation on Mars.

Without a protective layer like Earth’s atmosphere astronauts can get almost 100 times the space dose. Scientists haven’t figured out how to contain that ­problem or others. Long time exposure to microgravity can weaken bones, muscles, and make facial hair flammable. Boredom is an issue and can cause depression and conflict among colonists. It’s unclear that humans can survive long-term away from Earth. The human body and mind can adapt to live in the terrestrial environment. There are only a couple of space habitats in place as of now. We could start very important research that could begin, including medical and biological research that would involve the first kids born in space. It would also include the creation of different types and reliable space shuttles and resource technologies which will become really useful for the future settlement of other bodies like the Moon, Mars, and even other planets. Colonizing space would need a huge amounts of financial, physical support for the development, production, and deployment. In conclusion Space colonization is a possible route to go in the future. I think more funding, time, and thought for research should be put into this topic.

We as humans always need some sort of habitat or shelter to stay and with the rate that the earth is going on right now I believe we should take more responsibility and hold more people accountable for keeping our only habitable planet in the shape it should be. Space colonization is a Huge step for us as humans and with all of the new technology being developed and perfected everyday that this will be a possibility in the near future. If we do get the funding that is needed for smaller projects and explorations for other planets It would be very beneficial to everyone in many ways.

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