Sports City Zones Development for Urban Tourism

The study conducted by Smith (2010) assessed the new development of coding urban centers as sports’ destinations. It related the economic benefits arising from the activities of tourists to these regions. The researcher aimed to assess the prevailing indication and plan for regional cities of sports. He compared the existing examples of such zones from various nations and urban situations. Finally, Smith evaluated these zones in respects to the growth of tourism. The analysis paid attention to the existing manifestations of the existing zones where events, development, and related problems were evaluated. Furthermore, these literatures were supported further by the case studies regarding the progress of the sports’ cities. Despite the recent advancement of urban-sports’ civilization, there was no reliable literature discussing the thematic branding of such regions across the globe. Subsequently, this research was performed to meet the gap that existed within the comparable manifestation of the regions. A conceptual analysis was performed to make a comparison between the major sports’ city throughout the world. These sports’ city included the Dubai Sports City, Manchester, SportCity, The Aspire Zone, and Cardiff among others. The study assessed the strategic approach of these national projects while paying attention to their tourism capabilities. In fact, the researcher compared and evaluated the facilities while laying the basis on problems that arose within the literature. Eventually, the researcher concluded that the zones of sports ought to be organized strategically. They should not be developed due to branding relevance or convenience like other facilities of events.

The use of literal studies to approve the validity of statements is a definite resource for knowledge development in the research. Essentially, most researchers make empirical studies with aims of reaching their targets. Subsequently, the finding of most researches is directed towards their goals. Comparisons of these literatures provide adequate resources and information that may have been restricted in empirical studies. The researcher has applied adequate studies to develop arguments and reach his target goal. In this regard, there are many resources cited to support claims. Most of these resources are scholarly and reliable since they have incorporated the empirical evaluations. The connection of ideas within the discussions is integrated and goal-directed. For instance, the researcher applies the literature in relation to the analysis of sports’ cities. The comparisons apply these literal reviews to develop concrete arguments. However, the researcher does not indicate the resources used to study these sporting zones. Furthermore, there is no evidence of proper titling of the topics as per the standard format of empirical research.

The development initiated through sports as perceived in the analyzed nations is coherent to my future topic. The research is informative on the establishment of cities from the sports’ activities. This aspect allows researchers to appreciate the relevance of literature when informing about previous studies. The progress of such directed studies has high capabilities of being proven suitable for reference. Moreover, it is possible to retrieve new information from this study for my future research topic. The study has applied adequate literature with many suggestions and recommendations. In fact, it presents controversies and arguments laid against and towards the appropriateness of such aspects. Each argument approved through the support of literature allows other researchers to develop complimentary suppositions and distinct allegations. This attribute implies that new research topics may arise from the study conducted by Smith.


Smith, A. (2010). The Development of “Sports-City” Zones and Their Potential Value as Tourism Resources for Urban Areas. European Planning Studies, 18(3), 385-410.

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