Sports Tourism and Events in Barbados

Elcock (2005) evaluated the connection between the developments of sports in relation to tourism prowess. The researcher performed this analysis through assessing the trends of tourism where affected by the sporting activities held within and outside Barbados. Primarily, this country was located within the tropics where the weather conditions favor sporting events unlike other places with occasional or seasonal timelines. The prevalence of tourism attributed to sports led to the establishment of a policy for trips targeting Hockey in 1980. Furthermore, this prevalence of tourism triggered the government to develop and establish the amenities required for effective sports. This establishment of national resources to enhance international and regional arenas aimed at boosting the abilities perceived in athletics. Also, it broke the seasonality of tourism and allowed the establishment of a stable development attributed to continuous flow of national and foreign income. The link between sports and tourism led to a combination of two management systems namely Barbados Tourism Authority and National Sports Council. The ministry formed from these systems had been organizing the events in Barbados. In fact, the nation had been creating a marketing strategy to reach and prove Barbados as the most suited sports’ destination globally. Elcock described that these events were facilitated by the presence of reliable amenities including such resources as Barbados National Stadium, Kensington Oval, Garrison Savannah, and Wildey Sports Complex among other venues. The researcher evaluated these venues and identified the events held in them. The discussions on the nature of these events were discussed. Prior to these analyses, Elcock concluded the assessment by developing an argument regarding the nature of marketing that had facilitated the link achieved between sports and tourism. Therefore, the researcher concluded that sports had established the conditions of tourism within the nation.

This journal is an informative article without any direct empirical research conducted to affirm or support specific allegations. It is a review of past occurrences and evolution of sports in relation to tourism where they are depicted as adherent attributes of the nation. Furthermore, some features of normal research articles are not availed. For instance, the problem statement of the article is not apparent. The reader cannot trace the problem statement triggering the study since there are no gaps identified before starting the research. There are no arguments with counter explanations to evaluate and confirm the suppositions recommended in the article. In fact, most of the information presented has been presented without proper citation. For instance, the researcher recites cases that happened in 1987 without presenting a citation to indicate the source of this information. The content of the reference list has not been used within the text as citations. This omission created doubt on how the reference materials were applied for the discussions.

Informative documents on aspects that concern the economic prowess of a nation especially in relation to sports and tourism is related to my research topic. In essence, tourists are part of the fans participating in the development of sporting activities. They are a key reason for enabling development of resources and facilities to improve sports. Therefore, creating such strategies of encouraging the government to fund sporting activities has core and innovative strategies of reaching ultimate sporting capabilities. Finally, it avoids the arrest of normal sporting schedules due to lack of facilities and their unreliability.


Elcock, Y. (2005). Sports tourism in Barbados: The development of sports facilities and special events. Journal of Sport Tourism, 10(2), 129-134.

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