Steps to Success Essay

Success is being self satisfied in knowing you did your best. I came up with that definition by coming to terms with understanding that you don’t have to compare yourself to somebody who can do something better than you. Many people don’t like to try things they know they are not good at because they don’t want to fail. I think being successful is being willing to fail a couple of times to improve. A couple strategies that I feel are very helpful for me is being able to master self management, being educated about emotional intelligence, and mastering the creator language.

Strategies are very important in being successful. Mastering self-management plays a huge role for success. It is very important to be able to plan out your time to be able to achieve goals. Using to-do lists and planners are very effective. I personally use planners and to-do lists to make sure that I don’t miss anything and to make sure everything is completed on time.

Also, some professors do not remind you about a big project you have due because they assume you already know when you should have it done. Planner also help with that by making sure you do not forget anything. For example, if I had a big essay due Friday. I would plan out how long I would spend on it each day to make sure it gets completed and reviewed before I turn it in. By using planners and to-do lists, you can self manage your time and plan out how your days go to be able to achieve your dreams and goals.

Another strategy, is being aware of emotional intelligence. There are four kinds of emotional intelligence. The first one is emotional self-awareness which is knowing your feelings in the moment. The second is self-management which is managing strong feelings. The third one is social awareness which is empathizing accurately with other people’s emotions. The final one is relationship management is handling emotions in relationships with skill and harmony. The impact emotional intelligence has is it helps you manage your emotions and keep them in check. This can be used in the future if you’re having a hard time dealing with all the stress from school or you’re going through a hard time and you are not aware what you are feeling at the moment. For example, if you were starting out a career and you realized that this isn’t making you happy or this just isn’t for you. You will be aware of that and are able to change it immediately instead of waiting around and ignoring the fact that this doesn’t make you happy.

The last strategy is being able to master creator language. There are three types of creator language; the inner critic, the inner defender and the inner guide. The inner critic is the part of you that accepts too much responsibility and blames yourself for anything that goes wrong. The positive part about this is by the constant criticizing is it helps be aware of our flaws ands try to eliminate it. The inner defender is the one that accepts little responsibility and blames other people. This side is constantly blaming, complaining, judging, criticizing and condemning others. The positive part of this is it tries to protect you from discomfort and anxiety, wants us to feel more worthy and feel better about ourselves. The inner guide is the part that tells us the impartial truth. Allowing us to be fully aware of everything around us. Creator Language can be used in the future. All of the three are very important and fall into play.You can also look back and see situation when the inner guide took over or the inner critic or the inner defender.

One goal I have on my list to achieve is graduating university The deadline I have to achieve this goal is in 4 years, so in 2022. This is an achievable goal for me if I am focused and hard enough. This goal is something that I really want to achieve for myself. I am very motivated to achieve this goal. I also think I will be successful in achieving it. I will take every class that I need in order to graduate university and get my bachelorette degree. A strategy that will help me achieve this goal is self-management. Planning out all my classes and what I am taking each semester for me to be able to graduate in four years. Also, seeing if I have to take extra classes or classes during the summer to be able to graduate.

The second goal I have it to finish dental school. The deadline I have to achieve this goal is 2024. This is a personal goal for me that is the most important goal for me to achieve right now, because that would mean all the hard work for being in school for so long will pay off into getting my dream job. I am very motivated to achieve this goal, and I plan on focusing all my energy on it. Practicing and gaining connections will help me become a successful dentist. A skill I will use to achieve this goal is emotional intelligence. I think emotional intelligence would play a big role in this. Emotional self management is important because it would help me manage my feelings in a moment where I feel as if I don’t have control of what is happening or if something isn’t going my way. I would have to handle it appropriately. Relationship management is also important because being able to manage your relationships is very important. I think that managing relationships can be very difficult, especially when I am busy studying. I feel like I tend to drift away from my relationships. I think being able to manage them is important. To be able to have a social life and focus on studying as well.

My goals that I have set is one big goal, that I separated into two. I will begin by finishing college and getting my associates degree. Moving on to two years of university, then graduating and getting my bachelors degree. After, I will apply to dental school and be there for 4 years. Finally, I have achieved my goal by starting my steps into being a successful dentist. It sounds simple, but this is going to take a lot of hard work and time. I need to consider that life will happen and things won’t go as I planned them. I need to overcome bumps on the roads. I can stay motivated by having small goals to reach my main goal. That way when I reach these small goals I will be motivated to want to achieve more and continue on. I will stay committed by planning everything out. Such as, what classes I plan to take, what dental school I am going to go to and how I am going to get experience. That way I will stay committed to my plan because I have an idea on what I want to do.

I will have many obstacles in the near future that might restrict me from reaching my goal or will put off my goal. The main obstacle would be failing a class. A way I can overcome or better yet avoid the obstacle is by staying focused and being able to ask for help if I am starting to struggle in my class. Also, for me to be aware of any extra points I can earn. Another obstacle, I might face is if I keep putting off studying or projects. That would cause me to go behind on my studies. A way to overcome if I do end up falling behind is to catch up as soon as possible, and not only catch up but also understand what I am catching up on. A way to prevent putting off or falling behind is by using a planner. A planner is very useful and helpful for me. That way I can write down everything I have do and when things are due. That way I am able to stay on top of everything and not forget a homework assignment.

Overall, my definition of success is being self- satisfied in knowing you did your best. The strategies or skills that I find will be very helpful in a successful life is mastering self management, emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management and social awareness) and Mastering Creator Language (inner critic, inner defender, and inner guide). I think the most important thing for me to be successful is being able to plan out my time and being constastant by not wasting my time with unimportant things. Counseling 105 has been a very beneficial course and it is going to help me a lot in the future. It has taught me some tips and tricks to be successful and to be able to make a plan stick with it. I think it will be especially helpful when I go to university, and I am faced with harder classes then now and obstacles to get through. Concluding, that this class is very beneficial and has me less nervous for the upcoming years.

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