Symbol Resulted From the Modern Digital World


Meaning(s): This symbol is new to society since it has been created as a result of the emergence of new digital technology. It looks like an upside-down drop with a circle in it. Its appearance resembles a hot air balloon or a pin that travelers put on the world map to mark the places that they have visited. The creation of this symbol was caused by the development of various web services and applications that provided users with digital maps. This symbol is used to mark locations on digital maps. Before the digital era, there was no need for such a symbol because people used paper maps. Therefore, the technologies of the modern digital world became the reason for the emergence of this symbol.

The most famous web service that uses this symbol is Google Maps. Users can enter the address, the name of an organization, or a type of facility they look for in the search field, and the web service will mark the relevant locations on the map using this map pointer symbol. Some applications and GPS navigators also use this symbol to indicate the point of destination. In some social media that allow users to upload their photos, people have the opportunity of marking the place where the photo was taken. In this case, locations are also marked using the map pointer symbol.

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