The Day When My World Came Crumbling Down

No one knows when hell is coming their way. It can happen in the blink of an eye, and before you know it something crazy happens. Hell came my way on June six at seven AM. I was at home getting ready to go on our family trip to upstate New York to visit my grandmother. As I was taking my loggias to the van I had a vision that something bad was going to happen, that was going to kill a lot of people today.

I snapped out of my vision and yelled and ran to my mother and said “mom something tragic is going to happen today” she said “Honey way would you say that” “Because I had a vision” she said,” calm down and relax”. I start thinking to myself someone is going to die, and I pray that it’s not anyone in my family. Mom told me to go in and get in the car so we can depart; I ran to the car and got in scared more than ever.

I watch as my mother locked the house up she came to the car and we took off. As we merged onto the interstate I closed my eyes and turned on my pod to calm myself down. Mom had the radio on singing alone, time passed and I went to sleep, as I woke up I saw the sign that said welcome to North Carolina. I turned my pod off, looked out the other window, and saw a semi-truck on the side of us I felt goosebumps on my neck.

The semi zoomed by us with logs loaded on the back, suddenly I had another vision a truck with logs will cause the tragic vision I had. I snapped out of it, I yelled “mom stop the car” she looked in the rearview mirror at me and said “calm down and take a deep breath “I stopped and took a deep breath.

The truck came out of the right lane to the left and smashed small cars where a little girl was ejected from the car, she died on the spot. Logs went flying off the truck one rolled and went through the front window of a minivan and smashed a young woman’s face in, and she died. The young girl’s family really could not I deify her, because her face was so smashed up. Another log hit a pole line and the line failed on top of a man who was riding a motorcycle, and fried him to death. I could not believe what I had just witnessed. My heart was jumping out of my chest, and then the unthinkable happen a log came toward us and screamed “what the hell is going on ” the log came through the front window and hit all of us. I woke up at a hospital with lights shining down on me; all I had on my mind was where my family is. The doctor told me “everyone was ok except your little sister she did not make it”. My soul, joy, love was gone forever I felt like I had nothing to live for, but I did know the rest of my family needed I stayed strong for my little brother, and two little sisters still to this day I think about that day when hell came my way.

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