The Effect of Anime Essay

Anime is meant for entertainment purposes mostly, but can also be used to help educate as well depending on the creator’s vision and purpose for making the series or movie. Some especially those who have a difficult separating reality from fiction will take some anime they view to heart and become obsessed.there have been some incidents where young people try to copy what they see done in anime in real life and can at times put themselves in dangerous situations.

The thing is it is not easy to know if the person can differentiate between reality and fiction and their imagination like when someone attempted plastic surgery to look like his favorite character from dragon ball z .additionally depending on the anime it could introduce a student to various situations, aspects on life, moral and religious arguments which they never considered and have a profound effect on them.

Anime is not at all bad for students to watch, as they are ‘cartoons’ made in Japan.

However, some can be more geared towards mature audiences. There are tons of anime that are more comedic and some are so beautifully with such breathtaking imagery and uplifting themes it can bring a person to tears of happiness. In the end it depends on the person who watches the anime and how well they know they are watching fiction, unless it is from a real life story. Anime series like death note can bring up many questions focusing on morality like if one had the power to end evil doers and criminals in the world to make it a much better place, should they use that power? While some may think such an anime is something that would mentally harm and negatively affect people, it does bring up many interesting debates regarding morality, the difference between right and wrong, and our justice system.

Despite all this, anime is mostly for entertainment purposes the same way live action movies are these days. There are many people who love anime and watch it daily in their spare time and this is only one of the websites that people watch anime on, anime may go to depths that are not so easy to do in live action movies even with Hollywood level CGI effects. Shows where heroes have amazing powers and fight villains like one punch man and Dragonball, to shows where there is a great murder and suspense mystery strongly from reality including the anime adaptation of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Manga, anime can be about various genres.

In my research i found that in some situations’ anime would not affect a person at all as they only view it for entertainment purposes. For others, there may be something about an anime show or character that they like and might incorporate it in their behavior, like Naruto’s determination and desire to never give up, which actually might be good for their studies.

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