The Fad Phenomenon Analysis

Fads are an example of collective behavior shaped by trends within a certain culture, which is why they are extremely fascinating. Such objects achieve short-lived popularity, and then quickly disappear once the novelty factor is gone. The Bad Fads Museum’s official website features a list of the most popular fads, including dance marathons, goldfish swallowing, and infamous mood rings (Adscape International, n.d.). I have participated in a number of ‘crazes’ over the years. For instance, I have owned multiple lava lamps, gifted several teddy bears to my friends, and spent hours trying to set a record in solving the Rubik’s cube. I remember dreaming about getting a waterbed for one of my birthdays, which I still refuse to believe. Playing Frisbee and collectively solving the Rubik’s cube with my friends were my ways of having fun and socializing. In my opinion, fads serve an important purpose of bringing people together over a certain trend. They are rarely harmful, but rather random and entertaining.

Numerous fads have experienced a resurgence in recent years. For example, the popularity of Ouija boards and Pokemon has multiplied lately. Every fashion magazine features Bermuda shorts, granny glasses, and platform shoes in their 2020 style selection (Torgerson, 2018; Yotka, 2019). The resurgence of skateboarding culture is apparent due to the sheer amount of trendy skater brands like Vans and HUF (Battan, 2018). Quarantine has led to the reinvention of old-school drive-in theaters (Wong, 2020). According to the CBC special correspondent, “the appetite for this nostalgic brand of together-but-separate cinema-going has been exciting” (Wong, 2020). It is hard to conclude whether these new-wave trends are the result of nostalgia or effective marketing. However, it is certain that a lot of fads continue to gain popularity.


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