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There are some points that time Warner would have to have to approach the situation and issues with the current customers. By finding the answers to these points Time Warner Cable will be able to find the solution to the reasons why customers are unsatisfied and in turn dropping their service. What is the appropriate sampling method? The type of sampling method that our research would Implement would be cluster sampling. We found that using this type of method would allow us to be able to get the best result in the type of research that we are trying to achieve on a population of linens that are very unsatisfied and In turn, dropping service.

What sampling frame will be used? When it comes to the sampling frame we would like to do is survey nationwide in order to be able to garner a solution and collect the census and data on other cable users in general across the nation. What is the appropriate sampling size? The survey that we will be conducting will be on a large scale and that would have to begin with the existing customers as we would like to know the thoughts of these customers since they are still staying with the company.

We would also like to take he survey nationwide because that to us as a company would show what the true data Is and would be able to have the complete information from around the U. S. This will also allow us to survey non customers and determine what they are lacking or missing from their current cable provider.

How will the sample size be determined? The one way that this large scale can be determined is by using the questions that consist of the usage and how the quality of service is different from those who have service with another cable service provider, the other Important features that consumers are looking for in a cable provider.

There will have to be economic considerations; also depending on the other cluster size that other customers may not have the ability to access such things Like cable. Some may consider cable a privilege, while other considerations will also consist of age, economic stance and also the demographic and coverage area. We also have to implement as a part of clustering grouping techniques. We think that It is consumes less time and can be more efficient. Which statistical test will be used and why?

In order to determine what Is causing Time Warner Cable to fall behind while the erect competitors are currently gaining ground would come from correlation and along with the customer service is useful. Time Warner can indicate a predictive relationship that can be exploited in practice. For example, a reevaluation of customer satisfaction may be a result of the inability to provide specific programming from CBS. The described situation could have a more significant impact than actual product performance and field services.

In this example there is a casual relationship, because customer service can be projected when a customer has an inability to view their favorite programming on CBS. Statistical dependence is not sufficient to demonstrate the presence of such a causal relationship. Correlation does not imply causation. In loose usage, correlation can refer to any departure of two or more random variables from independence, but technically it refers to any of several more specialized types of relationship between mean values.

This would be what Time Warner Cable needs to determine how to best approach more market share. How will the results be displayed? The results would be displayed in a Statistics Module. The reason is because the doodle also includes a variation on this type called partial correlation. The results are useful when you want to look at the relationship between two variables while removing the effect of one or two other variables. Correlation is only appropriate for certain kinds of data.

Correlation works for quantifiable data in which numbers are meaningful. If we are going to review with surveys and statistical data using a cluster sampling approach on such a national scale, with measurements, then a Statistics Module can be effective. Significance, scope, magnitude, and feasibility of finding a elution to the issue, opportunity, or problem This research and the results that come from it is very significant for Time Warner Cable, they are currently receiving lower ratings than competitive cable companies.

Without researching into the issues causing the lowering ratings, the company will eventually lose customers. After data is collected and evaluated, Time Warner Cable will have a good understanding of the issues that can lead to some options for possible solutions. While conducting the customer service research, Time Warner Cable has a great opportunity to get a better understanding of the customer’s needs s well as complaints. Knowing what the customers think about the service that is provided, this can help solve the issues and provide better service.

Problems that could occur during this research could be lack of participation and cost. This research can help Time Warner Cable to make good decisions that can lead to a more successful customer service score. Questions we used in previous paper so that is what we want to put in this one What areas of service and satisfaction have failed according to customers? Why have we fallen behind while our competitors have remained or improved from the year ROR? Hypothesis we had in previous paper.

All companies improved or remained the same while Time Warner Cable declined Picture quality rated highest in all categories industry wide at “85” (“The SACS Report May 2013,”2013). Variables from last paper When completing business research it is important to identify the variables, Time Warner Cable was trying to understand why and how they were scoring so low on the improving. The independent variables in their situation would be customer service and product service easy usage and quality. The dependent variables would be low customer satisfaction score.

According to IGATE Allays (2013), “The survey asked customers about such things as picture quality (which had the highest satisfaction rating at 85), ease of using remotes and on-screen program menus, signal reliability, premium channels available and ease of understanding bills. Call center satisfaction, not surprisingly, ranked the lowest at 70. ” The low ratings they have been receiving from their customers for poor customer service and product leads to the low ratings. By understanding these issues, along with good business research, Time Warner Cable will make effective decisions towards solutions.

Research design The most important feature would be significance a research finding may be true without being important. The importance of how significant data collected would be to drive a higher customer satisfaction rate and change the overall perspective customers have with Time Warner Cable. The Survey System uses significance levels with several statistics. In all cases, the p value tells you how likely something is to be not true. If a chi square test, for example, shows probability it means that there is a tactical chance that the answers given by different groups in a banner really are different.

If a t-test reports a probability, it means that there is a measurable chance that the two means being compared would be truly different if you looked at the entire population. Instrument you developed or selected Sampling would be a very effective instrument in the approach due to the fact that a selected statistical result would be measured. In this case sampling could be used from cable users who are both satisfied and very unsatisfied with Time Warner Cable. Sampling could also be used for those who are not currently associated with Time Warner Cable in order to determine the best means to attract and win over those specific customers.

Sampling method The method used to sample would be cluster sampling. This will allow for elements of population to be selected individually and divided into groups randomly selected for study. This will allow the subgroups selected to contain various elements in our study for example satisfied and unsatisfied customers. We will also be able to divide our population into many subgroups. We can choose the groups we feel a need to duty further like the clients who are most unsatisfied with our service. We would look to target our customers that use cable services we provide.

We would like to find why customers are satisfied and unsatisfied with our products and service. We would like to know why customers are unhappy with our service. This will need to be conducted in clusters over the country to determine the national view of our services. Overall data analysis approach Since we are looking at a national scale cluster analysis coding would allow for a more efficient measure of the data collected. We should start by getting a zip code of where the survey is coming from.

Second gender and year of birth allows us to target what dimensions of customers are both satisfied and most unsatisfied with our services. Next we could find out what are the primary factors our customers choose our service over our competitors. Is it cost, product satisfaction, or specific programming offered? This can also contribute to the reason for unsatisfied begin filtering the data collected. Result reporting Due to the type of data collected and the approach taken to collect the data we will SE several methods to report our data.

We will begin with a frequency table. Another reporting method would be graphs and pie charts. This will allow for us to report several sub categories discovered during the study and survey process allowing us to interpret many dimensions of satisfied and unsatisfied customer. Lastly we will use mapping. This will allow us to determine what local and regional markets we are performing best and worse in. This will allow us to duplicate what is working or not working or what local or regional challenges we are having the most difficulty with.

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