“The Food Matters” by James Colquhoun

The Food Matters movie’s trailer explores the topic of the modern food industry’s deplorable state and presents experts’ opinions. The general message is that food sold in stores is often dangerous for people’s health due to the artificial substances contained in it and that pharmaceutical companies keep people unhealthy by selling them useless medications. Personally, I agree with the information provided in the trailer and believe that the highly-processed products that are found on supermarkets’ shelves can often be detrimental to the human body.

The diet, which implies regular consumption of the food that was mentioned in the movie, inadvertently leads to major illnesses that are often impossible to cure, primarily diabetes and arthritis (Rapaport). Depletion of vital resources such as vitamins and enzymes severely impairs different systems of the body. First, a person may notice occasional acne, which is often a side-effect of the inflammation process in the body. The inflammation can be caused by a developing insulin resistance often responsible for gaining weight, which, according to some studies, in turn, leads to poorer muscle quality (Valenzuela et al. 7). Loss of muscle and increased body weight contributes to a decrease in bones’ strength and mineral density, making them weak and likely to break. Thus, there is a direct link between the diet that contains highly-processed food and medical conditions that affect different body systems.

Other aspects discussed in the trailer are the role pharmaceutical companies play in assisting in the decline of the population’s health and the benefit they derive from it. These companies sell medications that do not provide the desired effect, leading people to buy other medications, which eventually turns into an endless circle that increases pharmaceutical companies’ revenue (Emanuel). Patients often become addicted to the drugs they have been prescribed, causing their health to deteriorate faster, which again requires different medications.

The Food Matters movie’s trailer addresses an important issue of the dietary habits of people in the 21st century living in developed societies. It highlights the fact that despite a great variety of foods present on the market, the majority of them can cause considerable harm to the body. The effects of eating meals devoid of nutrients are significant, as their consumption leads to severe medical conditions that are often incurable. It also provides an opinion that it is in pharmaceutical companies’ best interest to keep the population unhealthy to sell more medications and increase their revenue.

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