The Impact of Technological Advances on the Environment

Technological developments have come with various dangers to the environment. Industrial revolution and automation has been blamed for the increasing environmental pollution. The air people breath is no longer fresh as it used to be in the past. The issue of pollution has led to climatic changes that are not favorable to mankind. A good example is the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere leading to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Destruction of water catchments areas has been caused by technological development. Important resources such as forests have been on the decline and have led to water shortages in some places. Pollution in water masses has resulted in decline a decline in species diversity in such habitats. As industries grew with technology, the issue of waste management has not been well addressed. Poor management of wastes has led to increase in epidemics and other hazards caused by industrial wastes. The rise in the release of carcinogenic products has led to the rise of cancer cases and people continue to die because of cancer.

I recommend that adequate legislations should be put in place to prevent environmental pollution and degradation as a result of technology development. The society has to advocate for environmental education to help people to manage wastes properly and avoid the hazards the are posed by industrial wastes. Laws should also be put in place to ensure people are not exposed to hazardous substances that come as a result of exploitation of technology such as nuclear power. There should be education and awareness on the effects of environmental pollution. This can be achieved through educational institutions and Non governmental organizations. As the technology is embraced the environment can be well managed even with the use of the same technology.

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