The Launch of Healthcare Projects

Artifact 1 includes a description of the situation regarding the use of the EHR system that arose in our hospital. This artifact illustrates my personal growth as an effective communicator and the person prepared to implement change. Communication is a considerable part of nursing practice as we have to interact with patients, their families, other healthcare, and support staff. The artifact shows my achievement in the area of collaboration as I managed to identify the exact reason for a serious issue and tried to implement change. I made the necessary steps to make the person more collaborative and concentrated on improving the situation. I did not accept the situation as it was but addressed the IT specialist and my peers regarding their views on the system. I contributed to the creation of a sense of urgency, which is the first stage of change. Becoming an active change agent was a significant achievement for me as a nursing professional.

Artifact 2 (a presentation regarding fall prevention) is another evidence of my personal growth and professional achievement as regards leading people. I have conducted various managerial and administrative tasks during my career, while my recent contribution was specifically meaningful. I informed nurses about an existing problem and suggested a solution. I managed to deliver information in a succinct and effective form using visual aids. My presentation served as another stimulus to discuss the problem that was rather silenced but led to substantial negative outcomes. We started developing some protocols regarding the staff’s conduct in diverse situations, which led to considerable improvements. The staff became more confident when dealing with potentially hazardous situations, which contributed to a more favorable working environment. Patients also become more confident and satisfied as they saw that the person responds effectively to different situations.

Evidence-based practice has become the norm in the healthcare setting, which had led to various positive changes in the system. One of my achievements was the implementation of research that led to certain progress in our department. My analysis of the most recent advances related to fall prevention (namely, the effect of vitamin D intake) resulted in the improvement of the provided care. My findings equipped nurses with data, and they started incorporating this knowledge into their patient training activities. Patients received more relevant details regarding possible prevention methods, which also enhanced their satisfaction.

My inquiry into nursing-sensitive quality indicators was specifically influential in terms of my growth and development. When completing this assessment, I trained my research skills and obtained important information. I interviewed a colleague, which was an invaluable experience for my professional growth. I gained important skills that will be instrumental in gathering data in my future practice and improving the system. Listening and asking correct questions are important components of interviewing and any other type of communication.

I also learned about the importance of nurse satisfaction that was an influential building block of organizational performance. I started paying more attention to the way nurses feel about such aspects as schedules, staffing, workload, communication, and recognition. Whenever I notice that some of the nursing personnel’s emotional or psychological state is worsening, I try to identify the reason for that change. I talk to that person, and if the employee is concerned about one of the factors mentioned above, I am ready to become involved. I discuss these individuals’ issues and encourage them to communicate these problems to the administration and offer my help. I am ready to become an advocate for nurses’ work condition improvement, which may lead to the improvement of care quality.

Artifact 5 illustrates the way I self-develop and improve my skills to provide high-quality care that is consistent with the highest standards. The review of local and state regulations, policies, and standards regarding care coordination and the provision of care, in general, is a regular process for me. I always try to remain updated on current policies and protocols because it helps me complete tasks effectively and provide the necessary care to patients. I find these regulations specifically relevant when working with different groups and collaborating with the community. Our healthcare facility tries to contribute to the development of the community, and I take an active part in this process. My understanding of the existing rules helps me in informing people and assisting them in accessing the services they need. The collaboration with the community is also guided with the help of major standards, which is instrumental in avoiding various issues (related to miscommunication, unethical conduct, and so on).

My collaboration with patients, families, colleagues, and communities is also guided by data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This organization provides the most recent information related to various health-related issues and topics. During the pandemic, this organization’s website has been one of the central sources of information for me, and I recommended numerous links to my patients, families, and healthcare staff. I believe this data has helped many people to avoid being infected, and access relevant details regarding their health conditions. I have to admit that many people have become too concerned with pandemic-related problems. However, we still need to provide care to people with different health issues, and the CDC was a good supplementary source for patient education.

I believe I am constantly growing as a professional, which can be traced when reviewing my resume. At the beginning of my career, I implemented diverse clinical procedures and provided care to patients. However, I knew I could do more than that and soon started fulfilling administrative and managerial tasks. My experience and education enable me to take up leadership roles and ensure effective care coordination that is critical for the proper performance of the facility. I encourage my peers to make sure they act in strict compliance with the existing protocols, regulations, and standards by highlighting the benefits of this approach.

I also worked on several projects that can illustrate my achievements. The development of a patient education handout was educational for me as well. I collaborated with peers to make sure they use the handout in their practice. Importantly, I asked for feedback to ensure the efficacy of the little project we realized. Once again, I was a coordinator and the advocate for patients’ and nurses’ needs. I realized that the launch of such little projects could make a difference as they contribute to the reduction of workload, nurse training and development, and the provision of high-quality care to patients. I think I have made substantial progress during these years in practice as I moved from a professional who completes tasks to one who improves the strategies and methods used in the clinical setting.

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