The Minute Manager Builds High-Performance Team

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Modern literature is presented by a variety of books and magazines, which cover different topics connected with the business, technology, or science. These books are very interesting for both, from the point of view of the way of presentation and information covered. They contain a lot of issues and useful strategies concerning business development, personal and professional growth, enlargement of professional skills and experience. Moreover, most of these books are written by experts in a certain field of business, whose experience and success motivate and encourage the readers. The book The Minute Manager Builds High-Performance Teams by Kenneth Blancard and Donald Carew is one of the brightest examples.

Book review

The Minute Manager Builds High-Performance Teams covers practically all aspects of work in a team, development of the working strategies, and increasing of professional skills. The concept of teamwork is very significant for the operation of successful organizations. The Minute Manager Builds High-Performance Teams as practical advice demonstrates in what way any team can perform its functional duties better, more efficiently, and successfully.

The main purpose of this book is to demonstrate the four stages: orientation, dissatisfaction, resolution, and production and expose how to valve the imagination and working potential of a team at all levels. Moreover, the book is written in a simple language that is pretty understandable. All the stages that are necessary to pass are described in a specific manner, that is why the book does not look like a textbook, but rather a description of some pieces of advice given by the experienced manager.

The qualities of a successful team manager

First of all, this book tells about the qualities that a modern leader should have to perform his work efficiently and with minimum stress. A modern leader should become some kind of the enabler of people and a catalyst both, as an effectual team leader and a successful and friendly member of the team he works at.

“A good manager offers support and encouragement to those who are managed and offers praise and acknowledges their work” (Goodwin, Heron, and Philips 12). To my mind, these are excellent traits of the manager who will be able to motivate and encourage other members of the team. Needless to say that for the effective work of every company it is necessary to have managers who may promote cooperation, assist and solve group problems and concentrate the group attention and passion on the constant perfection. In the modern world, the productivity of the whole group is more significant than individual fulfillment of duties.

The permanent quality and productivity of the whole group is a result of the successful work of the individual manager. That is why managers should control all members of the team they work in. “When that occurs, a feeling of team ownership is created and the team develops pride that comes from producing high-quality accomplishments” (Blanchard and Carew 36). This information is a key point for those who strive for skills development and career growth.

Except for the qualities of a successful team manager, it is necessary to point out some important characteristics of teams. They are reason and values, contacts and communication, suppleness, optimal presentation, respect and pleasure, and of course morale. So, to provide the effective work of the team it is necessary to set an obvious purpose and values and as a result, the team will be able to demonstrate its optimal productivity and excellent morale.

Contacts and communication, suppleness, optimal presentation, respect, and pleasure are the means for achieving these results. Development of the strategies described above is only a part of success as doing well work of the team depends on the personal qualities of the manager, that is his or her ambush, self-confidence, team spirit, and ability to speak for the public.

So, first of all, it is advisable to develop personal skills to succeed in the area of team management. If the manager is sure of his abilities, then he will become a successful leader. The major thing an efficient leader has to do is form a general idea that helps guide the team in the correct direction and develop the team spirit. Moreover, the team should agree with all the statements and values that will point to the choices of the team and determine the way the team fulfills its duties and purposes. All the above-mentioned information is very useful for those who are eager to progress as real experts and develop professional skills.


The book is undoubtedly interesting not only for those who perform the actions of the head but also for simple team members, as the correct use of the advice can help to make a big deal in work.

Probably, the most important is the ability to observe the team in action, and this book is a very helpful guide for the development of this quality.

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