The Mood and Tone of Death in Call of the Wild, a Novel by Jack London

I believe that the mood and tone of chapter five is death, very negative, and darker than any of the other chapters in Call Of the Wild.

In chapter five, the mood is sullen, and very sudden with the death of the other dogs in chapter five. London’s words in chapter five come off as morose, especially when the dogs reached their last breath. Though the other dogs had died, John Thorton had saved Buck from his death, which was quite a dramatic event in the chapter.

“And through it all Buck staggered along at the head of the team as in a nightmare.” In page 69, this sentence shows that as Buck is leading the rest of the dogs before their death, he isn’t walking steadily, and could possibly sense that something terrible was occur, but he continued to walk on. When Thorton saved Buck, it was mostly considered as a sudden turn in the dark occurrence. With all the other past humans mistreating the dogs, it felt like a sudden act of kindness to Buck, but it was much more than that; Thorton had saved Buck’s life, which added to the mood of darkness, which ended before the end of the chapter could be considered to be anything else but negative.

Towards the end of the chapter, it is clear that the mood is definitely death, and totally has a sullen, dark tone from the author’s words. From writing this essay, I can take what I learned from chapter five, with describing mood and tone, and use it in my own writing, or to use imagery to describe an event, just like the author of Call Of the Wild.

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