The Movie “Argo” Directed by Affleck


Movie plots are often based on real events, making the viewers’ experience even more exciting. Besides, the historical presence gives a unique glimpse at remarkable events in the world. The movie “Argo” proves the idea since it won several awards and many viewers’ appreciation. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary and an opinion of the movie “Argo,” as well as draw connections between the movie and one of the learning objectives of the Texas Government class.

Main text

“Argo” is an American historical thriller directed by Affleck and released in 2012. The movie’s plot revolves around the 1979-981 hostage crisis in Iran and represents six U.S. embassy workers who managed to escape from Tehran and find refuge with the Canadian diplomats. However, to avoid being captured again, the refugees are guided by the exfiltration specialist Tony Mendez, who pretends to be a Canadian producer and disguises the escapees as his film crew.

I believe that “Argo” is a cinematographic masterpiece, and knowing that the movie is based on a true story, I find it even more exciting, even though some details were modified. My watching experience was tense, intriguing, and enhanced by talented acting. I believe that “Argo” is historically and culturally valuable, as it summarizes the whole idea of why movies are made: to convey emotions and raise awareness of the issue.

Besides, the movie allows the viewers to draw connections with one of the Texas Government course objectives. In particular, as a political thriller, “Argo” contributes to the students’ ability to understand and discuss political issues. Affleck recreated the historical event with attention to detail while adding some tension with made-up scenes, such as airplane take-off. Overall, in movies based on actual events, it is crucial to differentiate between fiction and the real story.


In conclusion, the movie “Argo” is worth attention and time as it highlights and helps to understand a historical event, namely, the conflict which involved Iran and the U.S. The movie received positive critics’ reviews for its excellent direction and picture, which reflect the mood and maintain tension in viewers. “Argo” fills everyone with a sense of pride and patriotism since it proves that no one should be left behind.

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