The Negative Influence of Television on Teenagers

How many times have you watched a television program that does not contain a sexual scene? How many music videos do not portray sexuality? How many adverts do not make you decide that you want to go out immediately and buy what has been advertised? How many times have we recently read in the papers about teenagers who walk into a classroom and murder their classmates and teachers? The increase in various habits can be attributed to what has been depicted as normal in the television.

The topic of discussion in this paper is the negative influence that television has on teenagers.

            In writing of this speech, there was first the singling out of a problem that affects us as teenagers. We are all very vulnerable to the various effects that television has on teenagers. To write this speech, books, articles and credible websites have been used. The information is mostly as a result of many studies conducted and thus may be perceived as a credible paper.

It is important for us as teenagers to know and understand the various effects that the television has on us so as to know why we should avoid too much watching. The most prominent problems are display of sexuality, increment of aggressive behavior and effect of advertisements.

            When teenagers watch many shows that portray sexual activity they are bound to engage in sexual activity very early in life. Once they start watching television shows that have sexual content they are bound to initiate sexual intercourse within a year.

The songs that are now sung mostly insinuate sexual scenes.  All this happens but there are rarely shows that show the negative effects of sex. The teenagers absorb what they see on television and usually go ahead to implement what they have learned. It changes the beliefs and attitudes that they have towards sex and hence engage in it recklessly (

            Studies done by psychologists on the impact of television on aggression among teenagers show that there is a very high correlation between the two. This is especially when they watch a lot of shows that depict violence. This leads to their assimilating these behaviors and viewing them as normal. This is what had led to the increase in bullying in schools and also the emotional outburst that they have leading to the gunning down of teachers and students alike. This is because the violent shows have led to the assumption that the only way to solve problems is through fighting.

            Television impacts negatively on the studies of the young people. This is because too much television watching is dangerous in that it takes up the time that one would have used to complete homework an also to study. They end up having a negative attitude towards school because its attendance interrupts the television watching. This leads to them getting poor grades hence inability to excel in school and also in life. There is also evidence that there is also the effect of reduced attention span which affects learning and also the later on in life. This affects the life of that person because it permeates every aspect of their life.

            There is also the issue of adverts affecting the fashion of teenagers. Consequently, it means that their spending behavior changes towards increased spending. This means that they are always looking for avenues through which to get the money they will spend. This leads to involvement in illegal deals and also getting so many jobs that affect their performance in school. There is need therefore to reduce the amount of hours that the young people watch television because of the impacts discussed. Apart from this, there is a need to introduce more programs that show the different aspects of life and the consequences of the actions taken.

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