The U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights

The constitution of the United States of America can be considered an example in the rules and rights of a democracy. It sets out the general rights and freedoms of people, as well as the organization of the governing bodies (McNeese 26). The need for the U.S. Constitution arose from the fact that the Articles of Confederation were not effective enough in the governance of the country. People felt that it was a weak government that could not be relied on in defense and in a time of crisis. The Articles were not specific enough in outlining the freedoms of people and did not provide the much needed support and protection to the states and the people. The central government was weak and could not offer the needed support (Feinberg 20). The Constitution would become a step to a better cooperation between states because the relations amongst different regions of the country were misrepresented and undermined. It provided the guarantee that there will be fair and orderly governance and just regulation of the public order. It provided the protection from any outside threat and would be the support of the country in the difficult times. The Constitution would provide the prosperous growth of the population and the protection of rights and freedoms in the future since the rights of people before the Constitution would be constantly abused and ignored.

Another notable piece of American history is the Federalist Papers. It is a collection of 85 articles that were produced in order to support the ratification of the United States Constitution. It is a sort of philosophical and political explanation that makes sense of the U.S. Constitution. There were three writers who participated in the creation of the articles; they were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay (Owensby 8). The views and opinions of these men added to the understanding of the constitution and became a part of the governance system of the United States. But the Constitution would be missing a great part if it was not for the Bill of Rights. It was necessary for the Constitution to exist and be effective enough. The reasons for this came from the original drafting of the Constitution. The outline of the rights of people was very general. Specifically, only one sentence in the Preamble to the constitution mentioned the rights of people. This was imprecise and did not specifically outline the protection of the state to the people. The Constitution is considered to be the highest form of a document for a civilized and developed country. But a nation is built on people and depends on the way they feel about their country. The fact that there was still slavery and people were denied to practice their beliefs or religion, proved to be disastrous in the support that the government would receive from the citizens. The Bill of Rights guaranteed the claim that the government will support the people in any way possible and make sure of the free, fair and equal existence to everyone who is an American citizen (Schmidt 37). It is evident that the Constitution by itself does not provide the full guarantees to the people, as there are other documents, which together create the full scope of the freedoms people rightfully possess today.

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