The Use of Medical Marijuana in the Fight Against Various Diseases

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Chronic pain is a severe issue for modern people, which can burden lives and affect daily tasks limiting what these people can do. Those who have this disease feel incredibly sick and are even unable to get out of bed, which eventually affects their studies or jobs. People with anxiety, depression, and insomnia all suffer chronic pain, and one of the ways to solve this problem is the use of medical marijuana. In particular, medical marijuana benefits people that suffer from chronic pain, relaxing nerves and making them feel less anxious. The decreased level of pain also helps to lower the symptoms of depression. Cannabinoids allow people with insomnia to go to sleep for the full night. Therefore, medical marijuana may be beneficial in the fight against various health issues.


Medical marijuana benefits anxiety by the discovery of the CBD endocannabinoid and its role in pain control aiding the pain. Neuropathic pain is a pain primary lesion in the nervous system. It can occur for various reasons, but it causes people discomfort. Anxiety can also be caused by multiple stress factors, such as public speaking or social activity. Due to a large number of such actions, many people not only feel uncomfortable but experience pain. It can turn into a chronic condition that will have a significant negative impact on the whole human life.

Marijuana is one way to help people with such problems. In particular, CBD calms the nervous receptors decreasing feeling anxiety around crowds. Thanks to this, people’s nervous system is strengthened, which makes them feel calmer and more confident. Researches showed that “CBD reduces acute anxiety symptoms during a simulated, lab-based, anxiety evoking procedure, in university students with a social anxiety disorder who were not seeking treatment”1. In addition, this also affects pain: nervous tension decreases, respectively, painful sensations pass. Chronic pain can profoundly impair the general well-being of people; therefore, it is crucial to get rid of it by any means. When cured of the pain associated with anxiety, people will feel more confident and show better results in different areas of life. The burden affecting and interfering with job performance and everyday activities from chronic pain and anxiety will benefit from cannabinoids CBD alone. However, when taken together with THC, it also helps ease the pain of people with depression.


The combination of CBD and THC can have a beneficial effect on people who are depressed. THC affects such areas of human activity as movement, coordination, concentration, and others. Using these medications, a person can feel more relaxed and confident. Moreover, according to multiple studies, “cannabis showed efficacy in patients for whom traditional treatment options had failed”2. This is especially important for patients with depression, as one of their main problems is the inability to perform daily activities. They feel depressed and cannot cope with this condition on their own.

Depression is one of the most common modern mental illnesses in the modern world. Unfortunately, it can lead to a vast number of negative, sometimes critical consequences. Being depressed, people endanger their social connections, health, earnings, and other aspects of life. Therefore, undoubtedly, it is necessary to get rid of this disease. Thus, the combined use of CBD and THC can have a beneficial effect on the life of the whole society. In addition, marijuana can have a positive impact on the health of patients with insomnia.


Chronic pain is one of the common causes of insomnia. Many people with this disease have trouble falling asleep, experiencing constant discomfort. Due to its effect on the nervous system, marijuana alleviates chronic pain. This allows patients to fall asleep calmly and, therefore, cope with insomnia. In addition, after using marijuana, people feel more relaxed, which can also help them get a better and consistent sleep schedule. Researchers state that “consumption of Cannabis flower is associated with significant improvements in perceived insomnia”3. Thus, this is one way to make the lives of people with insomnia better.

Constant lack of sleep can cause many problems, sometimes severe. When people do not get enough sleep, they experience a lack of concentration, they always feel tired and cannot cope even with simple daily tasks. The consequences may be different: from low-quality work to car accidents. However, each of them is not wanted by anyone and needs to be prevented. Therefore, using marijuana as one of the ways to deal with insomnia can help people avoid these problems.


The use of medical marijuana can have a significant positive impact on the health of people with chronic pain. Thanks to this, they can reduce anxiety, get rid of depression, and overcome insomnia. These beneficial effects are achievable with CBD and THC, which have a relaxing effect on people’s nervous systems. This allows people to be calmer and get rid of the pains that cause significant discomfort. Thus, they will become more confident and have more forces for living. Thanks to this, both the physical and psychological state of people can improve, positively affecting the welfare of society.


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