Three Types of Friendship

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Even though there are such types of friends as romantic, childhood, and internet one, childhood friendship is the steadiest among these kinds.
Romantic friends form opposite-sex relations.
Having an opposite-sex friend presumes viewing things differently. Such friends broaden the field of one’s interests. Male-female friendship may lead to a romance or end.
Childhood friends are good-old friends.
Childhood friendship occurs when a person is very young. Friends made during young age affect one’s personality. Old friends are good friends.
Internet friends are for fun.
Internet friendship is widely spread in the contemporary world. Online buddies introduce diversity. Online friending can lead to frustrating circumstances.
Even though all three types of friendship are commonly encountered, the only unbreakable friendship may be built during young ages.


All people are endowed with different temperaments since birth; thus, each of them builds different kinds of relations based on their streaks. Some tend to build a secure connection with others, whereas some prefer living a lonely life. Friendship is a special bond every person has and it has a significant impact on one’s life. It exists on different levels ranging from a long-term, meaningful unity to the one that borders on romance. Understanding the diversity of friends ensures better society navigating and better connection-making (Barker). Even though there are such types of friends as romantic, childhood, and internet one, childhood friendship is the steadiest among these kinds.

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The first type of friend typically represents a relationship between a male and a female and is called romantic or opposite-sex. Such friendship occurs based on similarity of interests or life circumstances but initially without any romantic connotations (Boyd). The main benefit of such relations is that one can always see things from the perspective of different sex (Boyd). For instance, a girl asking another girl about what guys would like to get as a gift on holiday is unlikely to get a definite answer, whereas a male friend may suggest a good option. Moreover, opposite-gender friends tend to supply each other with genuinely valuable pieces of advice.

Opposite-sex friendship enriches people’s lives and makes them more open-minded when they speak about feelings, ideas, or plans. About the diversity such people bring into someone’s life, it is necessary to mention that they introduce new activities and interests to one’s daily routine (Boyd). Once they are acquainted with each other’s hobbies, they can explore new ones, thus, diversifying each other’s lives and enjoying the time spent together. For example, a twelve-year-old boy James, having a good friend Lacie, took up hip-hop classes after watching her performance in the competition.

One of the most arguable points is that modern society observes such a bond as romantic or even sexual. In such cases, when a couple of friends turns into a couple of lovers, are multiple, and there is nothing wrong unless they were not single. Some people think such friendship does not last forever due to the spectrum of feelings (Boyd). Indeed, there may be jealousy when one of the friends finds a partner, and a friendship can be ruined. Thus, opposite-sex relations may end up on a non-friendly note

The other type is called childhood friendship, as it tends to form at a young age. This relation typically occurs in the primary school or the neighborhood when there are many children around one, and they seek the ones with whom they could share common interests. While kids are young, it is easy for them to make a connection and to find a true friend (Derhally). Therefore, many people nowadays have those fellows they palled up with at a young age.

Childhood fellows are essential in everyone’s life as they implicitly influence people’s further becoming. They affect one’s interests, tastes, values, and eventually, they introduce brand new phenomena in life (Derhally). For instance, a nine-year-old boy Tom never tried authentic spring rolls, and his Chinese friend from school named Chai invited him over to the traditional Chinese dinner. Since then, Tom has had a vast interest in Chinese culture, food, and lifestyle.

On the other hand, this kind of friendship tends to fade away when one graduates and moves to another city. Typically, the first year after the separation, childhood friends still contacts each other as often as possible. As time goes by, people find new friends, obtain new interests, perspectives, and do not call or text their school friends as often as they used to. However, when they see each other after a long time of separation, they recall good old times and communicate as if there was no distance between them (Derhally). They will always be curious about what has changed in their life and will always support one another.

Another type of friendship is immensely popular these days and is built throughout the Internet. With the advancement of technologies, many people obtained multiple profiles on social media either for fun or for communicating. Moreover, there are many applications deliberately created for a friend search. Those who are talkative would add hundreds of people to their friend list and may even become internet buddies.

Undoubtedly, the online fellowship may bring about diversity into one’s routine. Firstly, the Internet covers the entire globe, so one’s friend may live across the ocean (Pros and Cons of Online Friendships). It is a way one can learn about a new culture or even a language. What is more, online friends are likely to strike up a conversation in a more open manner than in real life. Because some people are quite shy, they can open up through online chatting. Finally, such friends’ profiles on social media may introduce new music, TV shows, or books to one as people tend to share their preferences with others.

On the contrary, internet friendship cannot wholly fulfill the social needs of a person. Usually, pen friends tend to chat most of the time, whereas the real connection creates a far better atmosphere (Pros and Cons of Online Friendships). Moreover, one cannot exclude the fact that the person pretends to be someone who they are not. Such situations occur more and more these days, and many people find themselves frustrated after figuring out the friendship was fake. Assuredly, a person may lose oneself due to plunging into this artificially created world and further avoid real-life communication.


To sum everything up, it seems reasonable to state that throughout the lifetime every person encounters different kinds of friendship: romantic, childhood, or internet. Despite the wide range of friendship types, one wants to find a good long-term friend who would always stand by one’s side. Considering that romantic and internet friendships may not be worthy and may quickly come to an end, childhood friends are the ones to keep in touch with. These fellows are great to reminisce good-old times with, to discuss new plans or ideas, to share common interests, and, undoubtedly, they would always be supportive.

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