Use of Social Media in the Workplace

Recently, information leaks have become more frequent in our company due to the improper use of social networks. Unfortunately, this is often the fault of employees who spend too much time on the Internet and post too sincere texts. First, it leads to a decrease in productivity at work, and second, to information leakage. Our company’s management decided to reconsider its attitude towards this issue and introduce new rules for working with social networks.

First, employees are prohibited from using Instagram and Facebook in the workplace unless it is directly related to work tasks. Thanks to this limitation, we can stop being distracted by our personal life while working. It will allow getting deeper into the work process without thinking about any other problems and activities. Second, if employees want to publish company-related information, they must consult with their superiors. This will allow the company to protect itself from information leakage and increased attention from competitors (Brass & Borgatti, 2019). This will make the work process safer and more efficient.

I hope that this decision will not cause sharp contradictions in our team. Undoubtedly, it may be hard at the beginning, but eventually, it will be beneficial for the whole company. I ask you to treat these decisions with understanding and follow our new rules. Our management team is confident that this will have a beneficial effect on the company’s entire work. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your attention to this issue.


Brass, D. J., & Borgatti, S. P. (2019). Social networks at work. Routledge.

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