Web Applications Through Dotnet Technology Computer Science Essay

In the past 7 old ages, new techniques and engineerings have been introduced by different companies for developing and designing of Web Applications. Web Applications are processed on web waiter and transmitted to stop user via cyberspace. One of the most popular engineerings evolved is Microsoft ‘s AJAX and Silverlight. These engineerings are used to develop rich cyberspace applications. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ( Extensible Markup Language ) .

It is a subset of Java Script and XML. Silverlight is the combination of WPF ( Windows Presentation Foundation ) and XAML ( Extensile Application Markup Language ) . It is used for making good artworks, animated shows and assorted rich synergistic applications. This paper explores the past and future tendencies of website designing and client, server side scripting linguistic communications. Besides provides advantages of utilizing AJAX and Silverlight in web application and how these engineerings are implemented in.Net engineerings? What are the disadvantages of Asp.net AJAX? To unveil germinating tendencies of these engineerings and how these are used to heighten the public presentation and doing codification feasible on all platforms.

Keywords: Web Applications, AJAX, Silverlight, .Net Technologies.

In the earlier phase of Internet, HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) is used to reassign informations through cyberspace. HTTP functionality is merely to open and shut connexions. Further versions were introduced 1.0 in 1996 and 1.1 in 1999. All web browsers supports Http it does the work assigned to make such as bringing informations etc. HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language ) is non a scheduling linguistic communication it is built of markup linguistic communication consist of markup tickets.

Markup tickets are used to depict web pages. HTML is non designed for complex synergistic web applications. The association of HTML and HTTP is limited as we said above it is used for recovering web pages ( HTML ) from cyberspace. There are assorted restrictions for these combination to get the better of this restrictions few engineerings are developed.

Server-Side Web Technologies are used to trip web waiter for executing critical operations and object oriented programming etc. PHP is one of most popular linguistic communication used to put to death server side-logic. PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. It is similar to ASP ( Active Server Pages ) . PHP is unfastened beginning package, Executed on Windows, Linux, Unix etc supports different databases like MySql, Sybase, PostgreSQL.

JavaScript ‘s official name is ECMA Script. JavaScript ( Client-Side Technologies ) is a scripting linguistic communication its codification is written in normal text and is embedded to html tickets to do hypertext markup language pages more synergistic and effectual. JavaScript is supported by all web browsers. JavaScript is used to formalize informations, to enable cookies, execute events, input dynamic text such as heading etc. Harmonizing to the market trends new techniques and engineerings like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, ASP evolved. The job from the above page executing is, when user makes any petition to server, each clip page is reloaded and informations is send from waiter after individual executing. For each petition from client waiter must put to death page and reload page and so direct informations to client it proved to be waste of clip. This is Clearly explained in below subdivision. To avoid this job AJAX and Silverlight is used to cut down the processing clip, good lifes, Rich Interactive applications ( Randy Connolly, 2007 ) .

The purpose of this paper is to specify how Ajax and Silverlight with Asp.Net engineerings are utile in making web applications and advantages of utilizing these new engineerings and what are the future tendencies in developing web applications.

In this illustration we can easy place the job in before versions of techniques like JavaScript, Asp, Xml etc which had a job in page executing.

Example for Email Idaho proof utilizing JavaScript:

& lt ; html & gt ;

& lt ; caput & gt ;

& lt ; Script Language = “ JavaScript ” & gt ;

Function f1 ( )


P1=s.index of ( “ @ ” )

P2=s.index of ( “ . ” )

P3=s.index of ( “ “ )


If ( p1==0|| p1==-1||d & lt ; =1|| p3! =-1 )

Alert ( “ invalid Email ” )

f.t1.focus ( )

& lt ; /script & gt ;

& lt ; /head & gt ;

& lt ; organic structure & gt ;

& lt ; signifier name= ” degree Fahrenheit ” & gt ;

Email Idaho: & lt ; input type= “ text ” name= “ t1 ” onblur= “ f1 ( ) & gt ;

& lt ; br & gt ;

Password: & lt ; input type= ” watchword ” name= ” t2 ” & gt ;

& lt ; /form & gt ;

& lt ; /body & gt ;

& lt ; /html & gt ;

In this illustration browser will wait until user enters all the informations after come ining informations in all Fieldss browser sends a petition to server to put to death submitted page. Server responds to client petition and procedure the page and sends end product as valid or invalid. If the information is invalid user should come in informations in all the Fieldss one time once more. This is really clip devouring procedure this job can be solved utilizing Asp.Net AJAX.

As we have discussed about the jobs in page executing in Introduction, by utilizing Asp.NetAjax we can get the better of that job because, while user is come ining informations browser makes a concealed petition to server for executing of informations entered by user this procedure is hidden and it will non disrupt user by page reloads etc. Harmonizing to user new tendencies and new techniques are developed. In future Web Application will go user desktop Application.



Client Request

Client Response



















JavaScript Code Makes Invisible name to Server

Server Replies directing desk

JavaScript updates the web pages utilizing informations

Above figure depicts concealed Page executing of Asp.Net Ajax.In the figure, below portion denotes concealed page executing to server without upseting user with page reloads and above portion is normal page executing.

There are several jobs before.Net towards different types of application development ( Jon Arking and Scott Millett, 2009 ) :

3.1 Platform Dependence: The application marks peculiar runing system is platform dependence. The solution for this job under.Net is bring forthing platform Independent codification called IL codification ( Intermediate Language Code ) .

3.2 Mistake Handling: Before.Net Different Languages have got different attack for mistake handling this is called Unstructured mistake handling. The solution in.Net is Structured Error Handling called Exception Handling this support cross linguistic communication mistake handling.

3.3 Language Interoperability: Code produced by one linguistic communication is used by other linguistic communication is called linguistic communication interoperability. This can be solved in.Net utilizing Assemblies.

3.4 Distributed Technology: Before.Net this engineering is implemented utilizing DCOM. DCOM have few jobs while implementing. They are, it supports communicating between Microsoft applications under Windowss. DCOM supports intranet based execution. The Solution under.Net is Remoting, web services, Windows Communication foundation.

3.5 Web Based Application: Before.Net dynamic web pages with server side cryptography can be created utilizing ASP. Asp supports server side coding with JavaScript/Vb Script. These are scripting linguistic communications based on translator. Scripting Languages does n’t supply good public presentation and proper memory direction because they do n’t hold any datatypes.

The solution in.Net is ASP.Net. In Asp.Net we can compose error free codification.

3.6 Mobile Application Development: Before.Net Mobile Applications are developed utilizing VC++ . Its internal scheduling is really complex and clip consuming. Before.Net Mobile Web applications development is non possible. The solution under.Net for offline application is Smart Device Application development. It supports Application Development towards different devices which support Windowss, pocket Personal computer, Smart Phone. The solution for web based on-line application is MMIT ( Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit ) . This makes developer occupation easier and faster. ( Jon Arking and Scott Millett, 2009 )

The first version of.Net Beta is released in the twelvemonth 2000. The existent release RTM ( Release To Manufacturer ) is in the twelvemonth 2002. Harmonizing to the market tendencies and demand of user more.Net version has released.

2002 — .Net 1.0

2003 — .Net 1.1

2005 — .Net 2.0

2006 — .Net 3.0

2007 — .Net 3.5

2008 — .Net 4.0 Beta Version

2010 — .Net 4.0

Asp Objects + .Net Services is Asp.Net. It supports Asp Objects like Response, Request, Session, Application, Server and services like Vb.net, C # .net, Base category libraries etc. Asp.Net is a engineering which provides group of specifications for constructing web based applications. It supports web based application like: Normal Web Application, Mobile Application, Web Services, AJAX Web application. ( George Shepherd, 2008 )

The current version of.Net is 4.0 released in April 2010. It has new characteristics such as, AJAX, Linq, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, WF. Microsoft is supplying Asp.net Silverlight for Rich Internet Application Development. Asp.Net Silverlight is similar to Abode Flash. Before release of.Net 4.0 Version Silverlight is non integrated in.Net 3.5 version it is provided as separate download merchandise by Microsoft. Harmonizing to the tendencies in IT, Silverlight is been integrated in.Net 4.0. In Asp 3.0 the developer should blend hypertext markup language tickets with server side codification to expose database values with controls. This will be complex portion for developer no lucidity into coding and care wil non be easier. The solution for this is Asp.Net Server Side Controls it makes developer occupation easier and makes care better

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is “ sceptered JavaScript ” ( George Shepherd, 2008 ) , it provide techniques for client side JavaScript to put to death backend waiter calls and bring informations when required, update few facets in the web page without doing full page reloads.

See a existent clip illustration: Assume some web signifier where user is requested to come in informations such as username, watchword, email etc. it is to be validated before traveling into grade. If we do n’t utilize AJAX in this procedure. There are 2 types of techniques, one is to let user type all the information needed after that allow user to subject the page and at last proof is left to server. In this instance user may confront dead clip for waiting of new page to burden. The best option is to verify at client but it ‘s non possible. If we use AJAX enabled web page, Web Application can verify the inserted information by user and at the same time it will do waiter calls in the background as user enters informations ie, as user inputs informations in the needed field in the background web application executes proof of the user inserted informations and at the same time user enters informations in the staying field.

Few illustrations of applications that use AJAX are Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Google Maps.

AJAX can make assorted synergistic applications by doing crystalline calls to server while user is working. It is a type of tool where any developer can make user friendly web applications instead than traditional web applications. AJAX can be executed in all web browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. XMLHttpRequest object activate JavaScript to run on waiter so that user can work at the same time with web page. A Http file is executed on waiter, Http petitions are easy feasible on waiter it does n’t make any firewall jobs ( Randy Connolly, 2007 ) .

Harmonizing to the tendencies in web application development AJAX is been used in Asp.Net for making various Web Applications. In Asp.Net AJAX communications is done over web services between client and waiter. Continuous communicating is done between client and waiter in Asp.Net AJAX. A group of Server side controls that enhance client side public presentation. It besides back up Cross Browser Platform support ( Randy Connolly, 2007 ) .

Silverlight is cross-browser-platform engineering for planing and development following coevals Rich Interactive Application ( RIA ) and media plants for web. It runs in most browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Windowss, Apple mac os etc. In Silverlight, buffering picture and sound and besides better the lucidity and pel of picture from nomadic devices to browsers into high definition picture format. It includes Artworks like ZoomIn, ZoomOut, Drag etc to user in browser straight ( Matthew MacDonalds, 2008 ) .

Silverlight is the combination of all different engineerings brought into individual development platform so that user can utilize exact tools, programming linguistic communication harmonizing to demands.

Silverlight is combination of Windows Presentation Foundation ( WPF ) and XAML ( Randy Connolly, 2007 ) . WPF is used to better the visual aspect of browser and to make user synergistic applications. Silverlight lets you to make first-class artworks, Layouts, Animation etc. Extensile Application Markup Language ( XAML ) gives us sentence structure for elements. Silverlight provide Networking Support to Http over TCP. By this advanced characteristic user can link to WCF, Asp.net Ajax and receive XML, RSS information. Silverlight includes Language Integrated Query. ( Randy Connolly, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to the user demands and user outlooks are traveling on increasing users are anticipating Web Application as Desktop Application. Accordingly Microsoft has introduced new engineerings and techniques for web applications such as Silverlight, Asp.Net AJAX etc.

Microsoft.Net Technologies are good established in market and batch of companies are utilizing for web designing and development. If we consider Altair Global Relocation which is one of the top company in USA.This company has late replaced its Linux Environment platform to substructure with Microsoft Server2003 utilizing Microsoft.Net Framework.

“ Because their are so many different distributions of Linux the update systems are broad and varied, which dose n’t work withus. ” ( Jason Beaudreau, Director, IT, Altair Global Relocation, May 2008 )

By the alteration in Altair Global Relocation substructure, companies gross has been increased by 30percent per annum, increased its ROI by 100 per centum, rapid retrieval of database, construct a flexible architecture and construct a secure concern theoretical account. In farther old ages Microsoft.Net Technologies plays a critical function.

“ Every penny we have put into our solution has come back to us within six months. ” ( Kelly Tepera, Senior Vice President, Information Services, Altair Gloabl Relocation, .May 2008 )

AJAX can be integrated into batch of Existing Technologies. AJAX helps us to make Online chat Application without utilizing Java Runtime machine and flash. Asp.Net AJAX is helpful to make good and better web sites and web application. Using this we create an application so that we can acquire on-line or external feedback like RSS ( Randy Connolly, 2007 ) .

Silverlight support Cross Platform, Cross browser applications. Silverlight supports asynchronous calls to server. We can plan Tcp Programming for multi user support. Silverlight applications are being able to utilize with firewall ( Matthew MacDonalds, 2008 ) .

Microsoft Asp.NetAJAX and Silverlight helpful to heighten designing and developing web applications. In this coevals most of the Web Application designed by Microsoft engineerings such as, Asp.Net, C # .net, Asp.Net AJAX, Silverlight, WWF, WPF, WCF these are the engineerings widely used in present market because of their first-class characteristics. This Paper besides provides Tendencies in planing web engineerings from get downing of cyberspace.

We can do Asp.Net AJAX application disable i.e. , if we disable javascript at clientside we can Stop operation of application. In Asp.NetAJAX page BACK button will non be effectual if required. Debugging is hard in AJAX because it does n’t back up traverse browser application. Exception handling is non up to tag in silverlight because of XAML. In Silverlight no in physique controls are available. In future new techniques must germinate to specify these jobs.

Harmonizing to the outlooks of user, new tendencies in planing and developing web applications are continuously germinating. In future Web applications can be created as desktop application like user friendly desktop application.

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