Website Critique: Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four seasons have chosen and owned a short and a suitable domain name. As a result, its domain name has been easily memorized by its clients.

Website Health Check Form

Design/Conversion Features
Do the website show hotel and destination images? Yes
Does the website show video? Yes
Is there minimal/smart use of flash Yes
Are Social Media Elements embedded on the website? Yes
Is site easy to navigate? Every page 2 clicks away? Yes
Reservations booking mask on all pages and visible? Yes
Reservations booking mask on all pages and visible? Yes
Is the reservation’s phone number clearly visible? No
Is email offers easy to find? No
Are our packages and special offerings current? No
Are the packages and special offerings optimized and on separate pages? No
Are calls to actions present? No
Is the content written for people? Yes
Is the content written for search engines? Yes
Any links to competitors’ sites? No
Is the site map visible? Yes
Website Download Time 87.24 seconds
SEO and SEM Features
The site has Page Rank on the home page No
The site has Page Rank on internal pages No
The site has Headers Tags i.e. H1! Yes
The site has Sub Headers Tags i.e H2! Yes
Anchor Links are present and are keyword rich Yes
Image Alt Tags Present Yes
Title Tags Present and they are keyword rich and written for customer/search engine Yes
Description Tags Present Yes
Keyword Tags Present Yes
Tags Are Different for Each Page Yes
Is site map.xml feed present? Check if feeds are not returning any errors. map.xml Yes
Robots.txt is present and validated. Yes
The website shows up organically when searched by name? Yes
The website shows up in local search when searched by name? Yes
Local Listing has a picture of the hotel. No
Local Listing has accurate information. Local map results only have one listing for a hotel not multiple listings for the same location. No
Check Link Popularity of the domain—how many links are recognized by Google and Yahoo— None
Search Engine Saturation—How many pages of the Website are getting indexed? (unable to view access code)
404 Error Check? Validate Robots & Site map Robots and site map validates
Redirects—does url with no www redirect or open into a separate page rather than the home page? Opens on the homepage
Competitive Analysis
Run Spyfu Analysis
The budget of daily adverts is $309.15 – $2.97k
Four Seasons was founded by a reputable Canadian businessman-Isadore Sharp in 1960. This was after 8 years of graduation with an architecture degree. The first hotel was opened in Jarvis Street-Toronto…
Competitive Analysis
When Four Seasons is compared to its major competitors, say The Fairmont, the following competitive analysis data.
Travel>Hotel Chains with 259,772
Top or Major Search Terms -1,136 Terms
Travel>Hotel Chains with 213,503 hotels
Major Search Terms/Tags: chains, accommodations, travel, lodging, hotels
What keywords to target?
Four seasons, season four, four seasons hotel, seasons bora, and many more.
 (subscription and account details required).
Google Insights.
A graph showing interest over time is displayed. In addition, regional interests search terms, rising searches, news headlines and forecasts are displayed in detail.

Analysis of the report

Design/Conversion Features

Hotel and destination images

The Four Season’s website shows various hotels and destination images. The homepage displays the image of the hotel headquarters in Toronto- Canada. Users are then prompted to click on ‘Find a hotel or a resort. On clicking, various hotel or resort names are displayed from across the globe. A click at any one of them displays the image of the hotel or the resort.

Showing of video

Each hotel or resort link provides users with a provision to view photos or videos.

Use of flash

The site has adopted a minimum use of flash thus it is likely to remain appealing to most users.

Embedding of social media

The site has embedded social media (Facebook and Twitter) on its homepage. This is likely to increase its popularity since these social media are likely to be used as both pull and push technologies to increase its market share.

Ease of navigation

It is very easy to navigate on this site. A user will only be re-directed for a maximum of two clicks before accessing the next page. This is likely to improve on-time management since users are likely to spend less time interacting with the site.

Reservations’ link

The site has a ‘reservations and rates’ link on all pages. This is likely to enhance its marketing. However, the site fails to accompany this link with a visible reservation phone number. To inquire on their reservations, clients are required to apply their logic and use the contact link where visible phone numbers for US and Canada are hotels are provided. This weakness might prevent the hotel from winning on some of its potential customers.

Email offers

Though the company requests some of its users to contact it through e-mail on the contact page, it should be pointed out that a click on this link does not provide that offer. This is also a weakness of this site.


Ideally, the Four Season website lists accommodation, Spa, leisure activities amongst others as some of its services on offer. However, on clicking on these services, the site fails to present any figures or packages associated with the special offers. This is also likely to act against its growth since potential customers are may sense ‘a hidden agenda’ on this gesture.

Calls to action

The site describes clearly the key phrases or words on its pages. This has the potential of persuading its customers into buying its services.


The content is written for the consumers. This is because the hotel has identified its core business services as accommodations, celebrations, weddings, and the provision of residences (rental services) amongst others. As such, it has addressed most travelers’ needs. Besides, this content is written for the search engine because the management has used strategies that increase the site ranking order.

Visibility of the site map

The company’s site map is clearly visible and gives the user a rough idea of the contents of the site. Its site map has its locations, About Four Seasons, Multimedia and Tools, Visiting Four Seasons and Special Interests (Four Seasons Homepage 2011).

Download time

According to the statistics from Fagan Finder Homepage (2008), Four Seasons download time is 87.24 seconds for its total size page of 405611 bytes. The management should consider reducing its total size (say below 100k) to achieve a download response time of about 20 seconds

SEO and SEM Features

Page Rank

The site does not have any page rank on any of its pages. It is therefore hard to determine its popularity.

Header Tags

The site has a considerable number of header tags which have many sub-header tags beneath them. For example, the Residences H1 is manifested with the following H2’s Private Residences, Ownership Options and The Four Seasons Experience (Four Seasons Homepage, 2011). All these are found in the keyword-searchable list thus increasing its search engine success.

Anchor Links

Four Seasons has anchor links for most of its hyperlinks. It should be noted that anchor links contain the same description as the hyperlinks and are therefore keyword rich. For example, the anchor link for ‘Residence Clubs’ is Residence Clubs.

Presence of Tags

Four Seasons website has employed the use of several tags which are keyword rich. For example four seasons, hotel resort, resort, hotel, resorts, home, and many more. These tags slightly vary from page to page. However, according to the statistics from Fagan Finder (2008), it should be pointed out that the site has only I image alt tag-available at four seasons resorts and hotels (Fagan Finder Homepage, 2008). The management should consider increasing these tags for its varying images to improve their search.

Site-map xml presence

The site is XML fed though with a presence of a warning error message that they are unable to locate your site.

Presence of robot text

The robot text is present but not validated since it returns an error (similar to the site-map XML error above).

Search and Local listing

Four Seasons appears organically when a simple search is performed of its key words-four seasons. However, due to its multiple locations, the hotel’s image is absent from any local listing. For instance, a search of the hotel in Canada by Canadian citizens will not relay the image of the hotel but would list its global locations.

Link popularity

Four seasons link is unrecognized by both Google and Yahoo search engines. However, the link is registered with a comprehensive and reputable search engine called Altvista. This has increased its search popularity by 82800.

404 error check

The site’s robots and site map are validated. A check on the status of the 404 error shows North Carolina as the company’s headquarters. Users are then re-directed to view the exact location on a provided external sitemap (Google earth /sitemap).

Site re-direction

A search of the URL without www redirects the user to the homepage. This is achieved despite a slight difference in the URL being displayed.


Fagan Finder Homepage (2008). .

Four Seasons Homepage (2011). .

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