What is Academic Writing?

Before you start any journey, it is always good to ask yourself whether it is the road you want to take. While some of you could have gotten here on purpose, some could have landed here by accident. In case you are wondering if this works for you, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide.

There are numerous students in 1st world countries who prefer paying writers through writing agencies to complete assignments on their behalf.

Most of these are university and college students in US, UK, Australia and Canada. As an academic writer, your complete sample homework responses for them as a guide to help them write their own. However, some will submit the assignments you provide as their own work which is why academic writing is sometimes perceived as unethical.

You can work as an academic writer in four major levels

This is where is where most people begin.

You will work under someone who sends the assignment tasks to you for completion. Most employers will pay $2-$5 per page depending on the urgency of the task.

How much you earn is solely dependent on your typing speed and time you are willing to put in. Estimated earnings can range from $100-$1000 per month. Going through this stage is essential for success in the subsequent sections and this course is dedicated to this level.

This is the probably the most popular way of making serious money online. You sign up with writing agencies such as Uvocorp.com, Writerbay.com, essaywriters.net among others and pick orders to complete. Each company has a rigorous application process which, as a new writer, the probability of getting through is probably 1%.

So as a short cut, there are people who have perfected the art of opening accounts and selling them. For instance, a Uvocorp account can go for $1000-$2000. However, with the right management, you can make anything from $500-$6000 per month in profit operating an account. Here is a screenshot of sample earnings from a Uvocorp account.

This is not very popular as it does not have a specific way of entry. Getting a client can be dependent on sheer luck. However, most clients are willing to pay slightly lower than they pay to writing agencies.

Therefore, one can earn anything from $10-$30 per page depending on the agreement you have with him/ her. Direct Clients tend to last the longest if you do a good job.

For instance, I have personally worked with a client for over 2 years already. Mostly, these clients have online classes where they submit assignments on a weekly basis. To get started with this, you may probably need an account like Uvocorp.com

If you want to make real money in academic writing, this is where you should be. Here you set up your own website where clients can place orders at any time of the day for you to work on.

The writing accounts in option 2 are managed by writing agencies with numerous websites that pick orders from clients all over the world. The pricing here can range from $20-$60+ per page. You decide how much you want to be paid by setting it on the order form.

The only problem with this is marketing. If you manage to make your site visible to the right people around the world, making $10000+ a month will not be that hard. Here is a screenshot of PayPal payments from one such website

Yes. Like most businesses, academic writing has off-peak and on-peak seasons. On-peak seasons fall between March-May and October- December. During this time, the amount of orders available for completion is enormous. Other times of the year have fewer orders available for completion.


I initially placed this as number 5 but then I realized it is the greatest of all so I placed it as number 1. I believe each one of us has something unique to offer.

Something that can add value to the world in a special way. If you write papers to sustain yourself, you can use your free time to practice and perfect that which you love. If you are a pianist, then go for it. Don’t just wish you were. Similarly, you can also use the money to start the business you have always postponed due lack of capital. Do something that makes you enjoy life.

This is the coolest part of being a freelance academic writer. As an academic writer, you get paid $2-$60+ for writing 275-300words of content(1 page). In addition, there is absolutely no ceiling on what you can earn. The harder and smarter you work, the higher the pay. Isn’t that nice?

If you are hardworking enough, you should be in a position to complete 8 or more pages daily. That is extensive research and you will definitely become more knowledgeable with time.

Unlike the 9 -5 job, there are no fixed timelines for working. You can decide to work for 20 hours today in order to attend an event tomorrow and you won’t have to seek permission from anyone. You simply inform your client that you are not taking any orders tomorrow. That is it. Work when you want to.

Do you want to type while enjoying the ocean breeze? Well, you can do that with academic writing. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection and you can work at the place of your dreams

Academic writing also has its downsides. Most of these are related to the time aspect, which in my opinion makes all the difference between the very successful and successful people.

This mostly happens to those in the first level. These are the people who actually complete the papers and are employed by others with writing accounts or client websites. Though productivity and efficiency differ from person to person, the average time you take to complete an 8-page paper is approximately 8 hours. This earns you $16-$40 dollars per day depending on your pay rate.

Academic writing may be rewarding but it can also be strenuous. Some assignments will be a walk-over while others will be extremely hard. Whichever field you handle, you will need to conduct extensive research in order to come up with an A+ paper every time. Sometimes you will be forced to deliver late night orders. That may not be very easy

If you are the extremely social, this may not be the best job for you. Most of the time will be spent in a chair staring at a computer screen. However, everything that happens to you relies greatly on how you manage your time. If you balance your time quite well, this should not be a problem.

Well, that is pretty all there is to it. Make your choice…….

For those go-getters who wish to proceed, lets hit the road. Click on “Complete and continue” on your top right-hand corner to move to the next section.

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