Woolworths, Australia: Organizational Change Management


Change is a human enterprise, the how and why of things consists of change in general. Change management is the set of procedures that are useful in the implementation of the valuable resources like the people, team and the organization to reap the fruits of success. The change process mainly depends on the demeanour of the people in the organization. The change can be categorized into different kinds; they depend on process, system, organization and structure

Organizational change: An Overall view

The organizational change is the set of structured facts, procedures and tools that are to be implemented in the organization to have the change from the current situation to the future situation with different kinds of the emerging trends and facilities. Organizational change is a vital aspect in business. Organizational change consists of different factors which are to be considered before the analysis and implementation.

Factors affecting the organizational change

Levels, goals and strategies, Measurement system, Sequence of steps, and Implementation and organizational change

The level, goals and strategies depend on the organization as a whole. The level consists of different levels of shaping or organizing, defining the business, reengineering process, incrementally improving the process and the implementation. The measurement system consists of the rating of the employee performance or the monitoring of the performance by the external factor. This makes use of the balanced scorecard as a tool for the measuring of the performance.

Sequences of the steps are to be followed in the organizational change, without the step by step process the implementation cannot be a success. The implementation is the final process of the organizational change. It is only after the final implementation the proper feedback can be determined.

Organizational change in Woolworths, Australia

About the company

Woolworths is one of the retailing giants in Australia. It offers one of the most trusted brands and quality products at an affordable price. It is the second largest employer in the world. The organization was established in 1920 in Sydney. It had a rapid growth during the period of 10 years from establishment. It has 700 retail outlets in the country and also 320,000 shareholders in the market. Mr. Michael Lescomb is the CEO of the company.

“Woolworths has been around for over 80 years. We’re proud of our history and reputation as a successful business.” (Luscombe n.d, p.2).

Woolworths is the largest investor in Australia and New Zealand. It diversified and sells groceries, electronic items, liquor, gasoline and general merchandise. It also has the latest brand extension to fresh fruits also.

The organizational change in the company

Organizational change is considered to be the privilege of the company. The company focuses mainly on the transparency of the operations. It sets the area of focus, where the need for change is essential. Financial investment is one of the factors that create organizational change, through which they can have different outlets, diversification of product, emergence of brands and the better service and providing job opportunities to the people. Increasing employee awareness is one of the factors that have to be treated by this organization by hiring brand ambassadors for the products; this creates passion for the product and increases the demand for the products.


Formation of the sustainability advisory board is the new change; the responsibility of the body is to govern the corporate strategy and the environmental strategy. They also form an independent body for advising the top officials their views about the organization, the emerging trends and the market related issues. The implementation of the change in the organization is done every three years or earlier; they give importance to the functioning of the business and to its performance. It is through the implementation and the feedback, the ultimate efficiency and the effectiveness of the change is obtained. In short, success is the product of measurement, method, control, focus, feedback and persistence.

Reference List

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